rural nurses how do you feel about travel nurses


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I love rural nursing. I am a small town girl and love small hospitals. I feel like I have learned more working in small hospitals because you do a little of everything. I have been an LPN for 18 years and will finish RN school in December. I would love to travel, taking assignments in rural areas. Since I know from experience that small town/hospitals are like one big family I wonder how I would be recieved as a travel nurse. Would I be considered an outsider that is unwelcomed? Or would I be welcomed? I don't want to be somewhere for 13 weeks or more and be shunned. I have found that most small town people are very friendly and kind. Please rural nurses, give me the truth ,I can take it! Thanks



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I work in a 60 bed facility that is about as rural as you can get. I have only had problems with one or two travel or agency nurses who came to our facility. The only reason there were any problems was because they had the attitude that they had come to save us poor dumb nurses with their worldy nursing experience. Most have been really amazed that we can accomplish what we do with as little help as we have especially on nights.

With your attitude you shouldn't have any problems.


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I am from a moderately sized city in Indiana. I completed a travel assignment to an Indian Reservation Hospital in Ft. Defiance, AZ. It was rather rural considering coming from the midwest with plenty to do and various large, medium, teaching/research hospitals etc. I was warmly recieved by the staff. They were all personable, helpful and inviting. It can work especially if you present with the right attitude and willing spirit. Go for it. sf.

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I am from a very small 18 bed rural hospital and if it was necessary for us to have travellers come in, I would assume it would be because we are too short to staff without help. I would much rather work with a travel nurse than with severely overworked staff nurses here. I think that as a travel nurse how you are treated at a facility very much depends on your attitude. The fact that you are worried already tells me that you have the right mindset and probably would do very well and be received well.


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I am from Montana. I have worked in extremely small hospitals. 1 bed ER with 8 bed hospital. I would be the only RN with an LPN. The Dr. has 30 minutes to get to the hospital. They are considered Critical Acess Hopsitals. I do a travel assignment each winter in Arizona. I have found I have been bord with the large hospitals. You don't have to think. I work in the ER on these assignments. You have a tech that draws lab, does Ekgs, does the foleys, RT comes for breathing tx, full codes, the paramedics already have IV's in when the pt gets to the hospital, there are many DR.s right in the ER, pharmacy mixes all your meds etc. I was telling nurses in the big hospitals how rural nursing was. They all relied they could never do that. They would actually have to think & be responsible for pt care. It is rather funny. My experience in travel nursing is that it is a nice change. You learn to appreciate the small setting & the close working realtionship with your co-workers as well as the DR. Large facilities, for the most part, appreciate the help in the winter months. They are extremely over whelmed by the winter visitors.


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