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nursejllrn has 21 years experience and specializes in med-surg/ telemetry/PEDS.

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  1. Baptist /Malvern pay

    Can anyone tell me what the payrate is for Baptist hospital for in house agency RNs in Malvern AR? Thanks!
  2. Pay rate in Hot Springs

    Thanks NurseStephen! I will consider that. I knew Little Rock wasn't too far away . And I believe there is another hospital in Benton close by as well ? I'll check them all out. PRN is always my first choice. But my husband has always carried our ins...
  3. Pay rate in Hot Springs

    Wow $8 dollars more for PRN? That's good. Do you mind telling me which hospital? And what is night shift differential if you know ? Thanks again !
  4. Pay rate in Hot Springs

    Thanks beckaboo! That at least gives me an idea . I appreciate the response! Happy Thanksgiving!
  5. Pay rate in Hot Springs

  6. Pay rate in Hot Springs

    Anyone? A general idea?
  7. Pay rate in Hot Springs

    Could anyone give me an idea of the pay rates for RNs in the Hot Springs area hospitals ? I have been an Rn 7 years, was a LPN 18 years. I have experience in med/surge, telemetry, peds, post partum, and most recently LTAC/HOU. My husband and I are ...
  8. Tulane agency

    Does anyone have any info on Tulane's travel agency in New Orleans?I'm assuming it's an in-house agency. How much they pay, requirements etc. I would appreciate any info.:nurse:Thanks
  9. Crazy things patients say.....

    I had a patient the other night who's IV kept beeping (positional) called and asK "Can I have a pillow to prop my arm on so my blood will stop flowing in the wrong direction?"
  10. RN finally!!! i passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Isn't it a huge relief? Congrats!!!!!!
  11. It's covered under the psych specialty
  12. Ochsner pool?

  13. Ochsner pool?

    Can anyone tell me how much Ochsner's regional nurse pool pays and is it true there is a hotel in the hospital that nurses can stay in if they travel from out of town? Thanks!!!
  14. Nurses wearing flowers?

    Well Pardon me! I just thought it was a nice way to incorporate the local culture into the work place.(If it was true, obviously it isn't) Didn't mean to offend. If I remember correctly it was on all nurses that I read that bit of info.
  15. Does This Sound Like A Good Ratio?

    Wow sounds too good to be true in LTC. But maybe it is what they say it is. I've worked in good LTC's and bad LTC's but and eventually got to the point that I said, No more LTC jobs for me. But if I could find one like that I might give them another ...