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Rumors of courses changing?

MJB2010 MJB2010 (Guide) Guide Expert Nurse

Can anyone confirm or deny?

Recent rumors :

-There is a new version of Evidenced Based Practice.

-I also heard that they are adding a paper to "Advanced Professional Roles" which is in the MSN track.

Anything else changing? I know they recently changed the nutrition OA.

Yes, EBP has changed. Depending on when you enroll there are 2 courses. The other one I don't know.

They are trialing a new version on Biochemistry right now, too.

featherzRN, MSN

Specializes in Outpatient/Clinic, ClinDoc.

Aw man, I wonder if they got rid of 'the beast' (EBP task 1).. Too bad if they did, that was kind of a rite of passage. :)

Yes, they have. I just finished it and quite honestly I was my favorite class. The new class doesn't sound like a great improvement.

Wait, did they get rid of the "beast" ? I am getting ready to take that course next.

They got rid of "The beast" ?

Yes, it has been replaced. Check your task stream instructions to see which version you got.

featherzRN, MSN

Specializes in Outpatient/Clinic, ClinDoc.

Wow congrats to those who no longer have to do it. I got booted from the facebook group :(, so I haven't seen the new happenings..

The beast still exists, it has just been revamped to a newer version. I have not heard from anyone if it is less beasty yet or not.

228 has a few different versions, the newest is 1215 I think.


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