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Just wondering how turnover different places turn over outpatient endoscopy suites. We usually have two people working with he physician in a procedure room. What we do right now for turn over is to call out to the people we have floating ( helping turnover rooms, making reminder calls, doing some breath test ect.). We usually have two people floating and they are usually pretty quick to pick up the patient. The other floater if able will grab the next patient usually the entire process take less than 5 minutes I would say. The physicians are not happy with this turnover time. Just curious how other people turn over their room. Any tips or advice would be appreciated 


Are the physicians upset because they think 5 minutes is too long?

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Yes.  They want us to have the patient out of the room immediately after procedure and have the next patient in the room hooked up to monitors by the time they finish their notes. 


The big problem that I see is that a majority of our cases are with anesthesia and some or all of the patients need time to wake up. When we are doing conscious sedation it is more realistic because they're already easily arrousable by the end of the case 

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Um. Wow. Your physicians need a reality check. 5 minutes is an incredible turnover time, and actually probably too fast for true safety, especially if anesthesia is involved.

I would also think that 5 minutes is super fast in regards to infection control as well. That doesn’t allow much to time wipe down the room/equipment and allow for an adequate dwell and drying time for a number of products. 

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That’s literally insane, 5 minutes and they are complaining?!? How we do it at a very large hospital, all our nurses are split between the hospital and the outpatient center. We have two nurses in each room. Once the doc comes out, he flips a colored flag and then we have a nurse who is called a “turnaround” (only when we have one, lately there has been so many call outs we are working bare bones) but the turnaround takes the patient to recovery and that saves one of the nurses like 5 minutes, and instead of handing off the patient, that nurse is in the room helping the other nurse turn the room around. I feel like GI nurses, we work on an assembly line. We have finally put our foots down and have gone to management because we feel patient safety isn’t a priority, the priority is getting the doctor out of the clinic on time. 7-10 minutes is our turnaround time and the “boom” and everything I wipe down is still wet when the next patient walks in the room. When will the doctors realize that patient care and safety are priority, all the patients feel rushed. 

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Our docs “hop” between two rooms.  So they have time to get the next patient out to recover flip the room and have it ready by the time the doctor is done next door.  5 minutes is phenomenal.  We had a 15 min turnover expectation if we were only using one room.  Our policy also requires vitals at the 5 minute mark before the patient can leave the room to go to recovery.  

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