RN vs LPN setting up meds


Any idea why an RN would be setting up meds in ALF/memory care vs an LPN? 

Today, I was busy doing an admission that took 6 hours to complete.  2 hours alone was spent with the family/patient reviewing the paperwork.  Since I'm new to this role, the admissions are taking me longer than usual.   

Because of this, I asked the LPN supervisors if they could go around and check for meds needing to be reordered and setting them up.   The LPNs complained to our supervisor, who then chewed me out about me doing it. 

I'm just wondering what was wrong with this delegation.  Is there a regulation that an RN needs to do it in an AL/memory care? 

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This might be something to discuss with your supervisor, to ferret out the reason(s) that the delegation you made was received in such a manner. 

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Regulations for Assisted Living/memory care are state specific, you need to read your  states department of health regulations to understand your responsibilities. 

Example PA regs re medication administration, LPN's and med techs can remove from containers and administer meds.