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Silver medalist adds to accomplishments;

A firefighter and nurse, Parsley focuses on what's important

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The Dallas Morning News...02/21/2002


PARK CITY, Utah - American Lea Ann Parsley knows about adrenaline rushes. She also knows about accomplishments.

She is a decorated firefighter, Ohio's 1999 Firefighter of the Year, in fact. She is a registered nurse and was a standout basketball and track athlete at Marshall University.

Now you can add skeleton Olympic silver medalist to the 33-year-old's distinctions. Oh, and Parsley was one of the American athletes selected to carry the World Trade Center's tattered American flag into the opening ceremonies.

"I was not here in the States on Sept. 11," Parsley said. "It was a difficult time for me, not being with my crew, not being with my family. But it did allow me some time to rethink why I'm doing what I'm doing.

"In athletics, you get so wrapped up in yourself. ... It's a very inward thing. That's one of the things I love about my fire job and my nursing job. They kind of allow me to look outside myself and do something for my community and my country."


Lee Ann is a nursing doctoral candidate at Ohio State University.....how does she find the time to practice! Karen


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Two thumbs up to this nurse.


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WOW...What an inspiration she is! :cool:

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