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Hello Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone knew what the salaries for RN's in the Fairfield County area would be? My husband and I (both RN's) are working and living in NY and are thinking of moving to CT but have no idea whether or not the salaries are comparable. The prices of houses seem a bit less and the real estate taxes certainly are.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks and Happy New Year!


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A colleague I use to work with took a job several months ago at Stamford Hospital $31/hr base, that's w/ only 1 yr experience


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$31/hr is honestly a bit high, (unless that includes late shift differentials), for the most part, most CT hospitals are in the $27-$28/hr range +shift differentials...again, thats most, not all. I know, for instance, Griffin Hospital in Derby is only @ $21-$23/hr (small community hosp, but nice - but not that nice for that much of a pay difference).

Coming from NY, I would definitely recommend Danbury Hospital as it is fairly up to date in terms of tech, very diverse care, fairly new heart center (just recently started doing open hearts) and fairly large (for a CT hospital). It also has several decent areas AROUND Danbury (ridgefield, bethel, New Milford...all of which are fairly 'woodsy' and in-the-country, but still less than 20 minutes drive time to work.

Good luck with your search!

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Actually, the 31/hr was base pay, she left Yale at 28/hr--that's w/ 1year in mind you, new grads start @26/hr


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Can anyone give me an idea of a prn rate for rn's? I currently work in northern Florida at $34/hr prn. I am based on my home unit (I don't float) and can work as much as I want (I usually do 3 to 4 12's a wk, but only am required to work 2 a week). I'd like to move somewhere in New England so my kids can have a chance at a good education.I really dislike the culture (or lack thereof) here in Florida and want to raise my kids in a environment where people are educated and more open minded than here. My kids have dreams of living in a small town where they can ride bikes into "town". Here it is urban sprawl and strip malls (ick). Any ideas?


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I am looking around for hospitals to work for in a very nice community in connecticut. I will be a new grad and would like information on where to start can anyone help?

Hi Good Nursing Student,

Have you shadowed anywhere yet? If you are looking to see what hopsitals are like then shadow. Contact the HR Department of the hospitals that you are interested in and shadow for any and all floors that peak your interest. Shadowing really opens your eyes to what the hospital will be like to work for.


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I am living in Florida. I will not be able to shadow in Connecticut. I want to move to Connecticut in June of next year!

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