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RN Residency Program GPA



I graduated with BSN December of 2012 and passed my boards. Currently, I live in Alexandria, Virginia. I applied to several nursing residency programs and nursing positions, however, I haven't heard any good news yet. Washington Hospital Center residency program recruiter contacted me once but I haven't heard from them back. Those of you who have applied and got accepted, is 2.80 GPA too low to be in the residency program. I start wondering, may be my GPA has a factor for why they didn't contact me back?

Any help would be appreciated!

Student Mom to Three

Has 2 years experience.

I don't know anything about the particular program you are applying to. In my area there is only one major residency program and you have to have a 3.25 to even be considered. I had a 4.0 and couldn't even make the cut! Sadly, the 2.8 is probably too low.....but good luck!!

calivianya, BSN, RN

Specializes in ICU.

Agreeing - your GPA is probably on the low side to be accepted. I have a 3.86 and I've applied to four residency programs so far and I haven't heard back from any of them. The competition is pretty intense for those. I don't know what it takes to get hired in one of those because I've been working as a CNA, I volunteer, I have a great GPA, I'll be graduating with my BSN... seriously, what does it take? I am frustrated.