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Curious what response I will recieve from this....

Quick backround: I began talking to a recruiter in 1/2010. I graduated in 3/2011(RN-BSN). All paperwork turned in 3/2011 for application. I was just given a MEPS. All the peer referrals that I turned in have "expired" so I have to find the people and have them resign/date their referrals. I had to revise the application questionairre and CV. My recruiter doesn't seem to have her stuff together. Many delays on her part. I have done all that she has asked ahead of time and have had to repeat most of it due to length of time. I am at the 20month mark since beginning talks with her.

When is it too long to wait for a recruiter to do what they say they will do? I have been encouraged to speak with her CO. I understand that most recruiters are under tremendous workloads but, this is my life and I have life plans too. I don't want to go to her CO unless it were absolutly necessary. Plus, I don't want to sabotage my entry into the AF.

What say you?

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try to see if the zip code where you work is able to change the recuiter. Not sure if it will work but when I joined the Army my work zip put my recruiter in PA and my home zip was NY. I ended using the PA recruiter. Not sure if you can do this with the AF, but it is a idea.

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good idea. but, dont think it will work. i live 20 miles away from work.

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I lived 45 miles away from my work, and putting in my work zip code completely changed the city/state for my recruiter. Good luck ... I hope you get it sorted out.

P.S. You're looking at Air Force, right? There is always the Army. :D

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It all depends on the boundary line of the recruiting district. Like the lotto use to say, "Hey,you never know".

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