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im 25 and i had a bachlor degree in business administration in another country but i didnt like it.. so i decide switch to nursing,

but i dont know witch private school is the best in sacramneto, CA?? i dont want spend so much money for noting..

i m really confused, between rn, radiology technologist witch one is in high demand ?? i dont know if to do medical career is the right thing?? specially now so many peaple want to do that. i need to work withing 3 years, im stressed confused ....

any advice please


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Do you have any scientific education credits (anatomy and physiology, or microbiology)?

Take those credit classes at an accredited community college, which you will need for nursing anyways; they will only take one semester of school - see if you enjoy the subject matter and pressure of the course requirements.

If you enjoy it go for nursing, if you don't you'd be wise to stay away from medicine.


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First why are you interested in nursing or radiology? Is it because you think you will find a secure, well paid job or have a desire to work with the sick and infirm.

Around my hospital the rad techs seem to be happier than the nursing staff. They still work shifts and deal with the same patients but they just don't seem as overworked and stressed. And yes, they deal with vomit and feces.


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the vomit , blood... isn't a problem for me and i like medecine and i love to help people , but im looking to find a secure and a well paid job too. just im wondering about not find a job after that,

i heard that theire is no work for rn in the market, is it right ??

and what about radiology their is any apportunity their..?


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If I could do it all over again..I'd be a diagnostic medical sonographer. Relative to RNs, they get at least as much pay, more autonomy, 1:1 patient interaction, better job prospects, less poop, better hours, less stressful schooling: less busywork and stupid irrelevant material in school...I really think this position is the best kept secret in health care. This is just my opinion though, based on my friend who is very satisfied with her job, and limited research I've done. It is very possible I'm idealizing sonography. :twocents: Best of luck!!


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If money and job versatility is your motivating factor, then definitely do the RN route. More money and you'll be able to work at almost anywhere all over the country once you get your 1 years of experience on your resume. But if "passion" (ha ha ha) is your motivating factor, then choose the one that you want to do the most. FYI: one big positive aspect for the tech route is that you'll never have to change a poop filled diaper or deal with people with awful BO or nasty stuff like that. The RNs/CNAs get stuck with those people instead.

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radiology is a career that you are needed and also nursing. I have heard that radiology pays a little more than nursing but I'm not 100% sure.

I would ask yourself this. Do you want to treat the patient for your 8 or 12 hour shift with what they need? ie: meds, cleaning, paperwork. (you will deal with more than blood and vomit) or Do you want to perform a test and send the patient back to the floor or home?

It really is a big difference and only you can decide.

Both are good choices for a good career and pay.

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