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RN pay Hospital vs. outside

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I'm currently working as a CNA in a hospital and i'm in nursing school. I was wondering if nurses (new grad w/ 2yr degree) would earn more working in a hospital or other setting such as home care, agency, doctors office etc.?

The hospital I work in now is a non-profit catholic hospital so I know the starting pay ($21.50), may be less than other bigger hospitals or healthcare settings. I'd like to have a general idea which may help me decide where to work when I'm done with school. Thanks and any feedback is greatly appreciated! :):typing

I think you'll find the hospital pay to be the best. Doctors offices and clinics have the kind of hours most people prefer, so they can use the old supply/demand thing to keep the wages down, too. Plus, they usually use LPNs or MAs in place of RNs, so they don't pay as much.

Home health care isn't a good option for a new grad (look through the threads here) because you don't have a solid experience background to pull from as a new nurse in a home setting (CNA time doesn't count). I've had people tell me they earn more per hour, but work so many hours they AREN'T paid, it doesn't turn out to be more than what I make anyway. Actually, not close.

Agency work isn't for new grads either (same reason as before: no experience).

Hospitals will pay you more and get you the experience you need to possibly go into other directions later.

The second degree doesn't mean a dime more. The RN license does.

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Around here, the best paying entry level RN jobs are as staff nurse at the hospital.


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I made pretty good at the hospital but I actually make $ 4.00 per hour more at one of the LTC facilities I work at. The other LTC I make $ 1.00 an hour less than at the hospital but have a shorter drive. I am a new nurse who does agency also and It pays ok but I really don't pick up much there. All 3 I work per diem so I am setting my own schedule. Works great.

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