1RN to 50Patients in Texas-Normal?????

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I am a RN in a skilled, medicare/medicaid LTC facility in Texas. On my hall there are 50 patients now. I have 1 CMA and anywhere from 3-5 CNAs. There is no minimum-staffing ratio law here in Texas as of yet. Is this normal. I have asked for more help, but I don't see it happening. Does anyone know if I have any recourse in this matter re: this 1-50 ratio? This is too much for 1 nurse. I am stressed to the max.

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We don't use CMAs in Pa so I'm not sure how that would work. On 11-7 we have one nurse for 48 with two CNAs. What is the CMA responsible for? I don't think I would do this on days or evenings.

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I worked a LTC job for 2 years, and sometimes I would have 35 to 45 patients and I did the med passes!

That was too much! IMHO you should be taking some of those residents to pass their meds yourself. Your CMA is working her butt off.


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It is not right for you or the patients. It's all about the almighty buck. How much can the big corporations make at the expense of staff.


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CMA is a certified medication aide.

Not all states have them.


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WOW! I work in Texas also and I have 30 residents with 1 CMA and 4 CNA's. I do not know how you do it. It is a skilled facilty - I only have 6 medicare residents and the rest are private pay. I bet you are stressed to the max!

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