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RN opening at VA Hospital in Des Moines HIRES NEW GRADS!!

thanks but too bad im not a citizen x______x

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There are many jobs in Iowa available. I just went to Mercy Medical center job opportunities site. They have 41 nurse listings. Probably due to our notorious low wages and crappy weather........If you want to move here, I have several friends who loved the VA :D.....they also opened up a new VA clinic in Ottumwa.

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That's exciting, I'm just starting school this year, but I will certainly check with the Des Moines VA when I graduate. I have heard nothing but good things about working at the VA as an RN!

Same, I think the VA has alot to offer, their travel program is especially interesting. I wanna get into the OR ASAP.

I worked at Mercy first going to the VA and got a $10,000 dollar pay raise. The weather isn't too bad plus we have a union advocating for pay. If you aren't fond of winters I would recommend moving ;) oh it's float so areas would be med surge tele icu er all great places :) thanks for the positive feedback just wanting to help RNs out :)

Thanks for this post!

Too bad I'm a few years away from graduating at Mt Mercy but it's encouraging to see nursing jobs in Iowa!


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