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      anxiety and peripheral neuropathy
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So for my first RN careplan I have to choose between the two pts I assisted with in clinical for medsurg. One had anxiety and peripheral neuropathy, the other had CHF and a pleural effusion. I'm curious on which one I should do it on, considering this is my first? any ideas? obviously my peripheral person has less issues, where the chf has a chunky file.. just to consider.

akulahawkRN, ADN, RN, EMT-P

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Why not gather the data on both patients? The most difficult part of doing a care plan the first time is figuring out where to write the stuff you gathered and then looking through it to find an appropriate nursing diagnosis. My first one took me 4 hours to write, mostly because it just took that long to figure out where to put stuff. The last in-depth one I did took me about 20-25 minutes. You'll get much faster at it. Hopefully your program gave you a work sheet that you can use to gather information.

Once you have the actual data in hand, look over it and then decide which one you want to use to write your care plan. Or you can just flip a coin and go for it. Later you can then decide to write a care plan for the other patient... Sure, it is more work, but you might get something out of it even if it's not graded.

thats the thing I have all the info just looking for which one to do.. looking for which one someone would choose.

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I would choose the one I could learn the most from. The CHF.

AbstracRN, BSN, CNA, RN

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I chose a patient with A-fib and CHF, because that's where lecture is.

I would also do a care plan on the CHF patient. There would be emergent issues that can be part of the plan. Also, it is an important topic to learn.