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I am in desperate need of advice. I have been an RN for 2 years with an Associates Degree. I start in August in an RN to MSN fast track program for FNP. I only spent 1 month as a GN out of school on the Med-Surg Unit before I went to work in a Urology office and now currently am doing Home Care (which I find very unfulfilling). In some aspects I consider myself lucky but I am also doomed because I have little Med-Surg experience and therefore won't be considered as a candidate for specialty units. I have not found my "nitch" yet as to what area I like best and at this point feel like I have to back track. I love the one on one and the fact that I can really get to know each patient individually in the office setting, but also feel that I may need more hospital experience to keep my skills well rounded. Any advice from seasoned nurses who have either been in the same boat or had similar experience?

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What area of nursing are you interested in? You don't HAVE to have

Med Surge experience, necessarily. I went to school with several nurses

who have worked OB their entire career. Myself, I'm pretty settled into

working either Geriatrics (LTC) or Psych, and that's OK with me.

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I also have 0 Med surg experience, but I do have ICU and ED experience. I think If you are interested in a Hospital job, you can apply and see what happens.

I would like to try OB, would prefer women's health. Most offices only hire LPN's. I miss the hustle and bustle of the hospital setting, don't miss my calves throbbing at the end of my 12hr shift or the way they ache after doing 3 12's in a row. How long does it usually take to figure out where you fit best?

Good to know. Most hospitals where I live want you to have at least 1 yr med- surg before they put you in a specialty area.

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Honestly? I don't think it is the "no med-surg" that will hold you back. I think it is the MSN with no acute care experience. You'll be too expensive for the BSN level jobs but not experienced enough for the MSN level. Hopefully you have internal contacts who can help you over the hump..?

Thats what I'm worried about. I like my desk job with RN pay but feel the acute care is very important in the long run.

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I'm honestly not sure why you must have 1 year of med/surg to become a FNP. I personally am a BSN to DNP student that is med/surg certified but the roles are completely separate. My program never asked me if I had 1 year of med/surg in the interview nor did they care that I was certified. The health assessment skils are completely different as well so really that point is moot. Unless you particularly want to use your FNP to work in a hospital setting then I certainly would back track to gain that kind of experience.

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