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I was just wondering, what is the typical new grad (RN) salary in the Hampton roads area? I have heard so many conflicting stories that I was hoping to get a consensus.



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I was offered a position in Norfolk for 19.50 and 20.50 in Williamsburg.


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I just started at Mary Immaculate. Base pay there for a new grad is 20.70 with 4.00 evening, 6.00 night, and .75 weekend differentials. RIverside's starting salary is 20.30. Sentara's is slightly more, so I hear.


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i just got hired on with norfolk general for $20.00/ hr full time days.

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I graduated in May 2007, got hired with Sentara (I'm at Leigh Hospital) right out of school. I work the 3-11pm shift. When I started, base pay was $19.60/hour, with shift differentials for evenings at $8.00/hour, brining my total hourly rate to $27.60/hour to start. Night shift makes $9.00/ hour shift diff, and weekenders get $6.00/hour diff. I know the starting base pay is slightly higher now due to cost of living increase, etc. but the shift diffs remain the same.

Considering the lower cost of living in this area, its' not bad when you compare to some of the bigger cities it's about equal (for example, you could move to the D.C. area and make $45.00/hour, but the cost of living is much higher there so it equals out).

I still look at other options in the area even though I am happy where I am, and I have not yet found anywhere else that pays as well as Sentara for nurses unless you go into management, which is salaried, so you work long hours with no OT.

Hope this helps.



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Hi Does anyone knows if Norfolk General is still hiring New grads. I applied recently. How long it takes to hear from them?


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I am looking to work in the Hampton Roads area because I am from Hampton. I graduate in May 2010 and have been seraching for a job like crazy but with this economy even nurses are having a little harder time. Some of the hospitals don't have their new graduate positions listed yet and I was wondering if anyone has found any new grad listings for Dec. and may 2010 new grads in the Hampton Roads area? Thanks


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I start Monday at Norfolk General Hospital. I was advised to network. If you know instructors or anyone that works for any hospitals please ask them if you can use them as a reference. Some hospitals are not posting any new grad position. You need to network and be persistent. That means calling more frequent and writing letters to nearby hospitals about your interest to work in there hospital. You may have to go in person to inquire. I hope this was helpful. I asked my nursing instructor for a reference and she works for Sentara.

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From what I've seen while hunting, hourly rates for new grads in most of the hospitals around here run around $19-21 an hour, plus shift differentials.


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I just got a job at Sentara Norfolk General ( Heart Hospital) and the base pay is 20.00 plus shift differentials, which I am not exactly sure of.


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That is usually the base pay for new grads at Sentara Hospitals.

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