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RN moving to San Antonio


Hello Texas. I am relocating to San Antonio to be with family.

I currently have 6 years in the ICU. I am Balloon Pump certified, ACLS, BLS.

I am looking for a Hospital to work at. I am moving to the 78264 zipcode. That's the NW side, outside of the 1604.

I currently make $35.30 an hour. I work 12 hour shifts.

Where is a good system to work? Good to me is an administration that doesn't move you around to different shifts and units, and tell you to get over it. I need decent insurance, as my wife is a type I diabetic, with an insulin pump.

I never call in to work, but I do take one vacation a year for wife's birthday.

Which hospitals offer 12 hour shifts? Any of these area hospitls pay in the 35 range for a seasoned RN?


HouTx, BSN, MSN, EdD

Specializes in Critical Care, Education. Has 35 years experience.

Sorry you haven't gotten any responses.

Welcome to Texas! With your experience, you shouldn't have any difficulties getting a job. Your preferred location is convenient to the SA Medical Center - home to several large hospitals. I cannot provide specific information on salary that you may be offered, but I do think that you should prepare yourself for a lower base rate than $35. I believe that most facilities offer 12 hour shifts.

You didn't indicate what area you are currently living in - but I would venture to say that the cost of living in SA will be lower & this will probably offset a lower salary. No state income tax. Lower housing costs. It'll all work out.