Rn/lvn review center- la/ orange county area

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four months ago my mom enrolled me to a review center- american healthways education. i was a little nervous considering it would be my first time to attend a formal review class since i didn't review in my home country (where i graduated a year ago) nor taking exam there and even here in the us, before. but since my mom reviewed in this class before she passed her lvn license, i went ahead and enrolled with the unlimited program. the first day i was asking myself "did i really graduated from nursing?" because i felt like i can't keep up with the other people enrolled in the class and i have forgotten most of the topics in the subjects and our instructor would always remind us that its okay because we are "new players" and that after sometime of reviewing we can answer like them as well. the days after that was one of the best things that can happen to my life.

when i was reviewing i felt like i am part of a family that made me look forward to going to class each time. and this friendly environment made me feel better with myself thus more able to absorb informations and understand the topics being discussed. the review material given became one the most vital tool i have. the visual aids used during the class was up to date and informative and the instructors technique was also suitable for every one and flexible as well. with our instructor's proper guidance brought me to this bright morning, literally, because today i just found out that i passed the nclex- rn! i couldn't thank the people behind american healthways education enough for my success.

for information go to: www.americahealthways.com.

if you cant reach them on the office number try the cell if that didn't work just email them on info@americahealthways.com or if you are driving in the cerritos/ artesia area you can go to their office it is behind the salu-salo grill restaurant by 183rd street and gridley road.. i tell you it's worth every penny! :)


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