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RN jobs/ cost living close to Rez?

by Tsunaladi Tsunaladi (New) New

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I will be graduating as an RN/BSN. I am a single mom with one school age son. I am wanting to relocate to Montana after graduation. I'm in school in kentucky.

I am also mixed blood blackfeet indian and am hoping to live in an area with blackfeet community, to work with (for) my people. I don't really want to live in a huge city- the basis of montana's appeal to me is the open space and all the beauty, like Ninastako. And I want to be more involved with the native community, volunteering, pow wows, and the like.

Any info, advice...?

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I'm not familiar with that area of Montana, but moved out of the state in '03. The cost of living is higher than where you currently live but then most things are trucked in and the costs passed on to consumer. That being said, it is a beautiful place and has much to offer. Good luck


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I was born and raised in Montana and graduated from a tribal nursing school (I'm not native but my husband of 26 years and 6 children are). Try Browning, Montana. It is a critical shortage area for most health care providers and it is on the rez.

Good luck!


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Has anyone heard of committing to a reservation for loan reimbursement?? I have soo many loans and would love to be up in the Flathead area and heard that reservations would pay off loans.. Has anyone else heard of this?? 25,000/year??


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The Flathead reservation is one of the most wealthy and dose not have a nursing shortage as far as working for the tribe. I live on the rez, am married to a native and have 6 native kids and cannot get student loan repayment because it is not a critical shortage area. You could look into Browing, MT (but it is a really tough area to live if you are not Native, I can explain more deeply if you are interested, it is not environmental) and then there is Billings, Mt in the eastern part or Crow Agency or Rocky Boy rez. Those are pretty poverty ridden areas. So you may get SL repayment. There are some tribal nursing schools in Montana (I went to one) and tribes have what is called "Indian Preference" and so hire indigent people first whenever possible. But if you want to get that and want to be out in the middle of no where AND makae a decent wage (Montana is not known for its good wages) try Alaska.

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