RN from India: Can I work in the US military?

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Dear Nurse Beth,

I completed my Bsc nursing and Msc nursing in India passed NCLEX RN am I eligible to work in military nursing in USA ??

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Dear Passed NCLEX,

Congratulations on passing the NCLEX! 

Passing the NCLEX-RN is a requirement for licensure, but you will need to check with the state board of nursing in the state where you wish to work to ensure that you meet their specific requirements.

To be eligible for a military nursing position in the USA, you must be a US citizen or a legal permanent resident, hold a valid nursing license in one of the 50 states, meet the physical and medical requirements for military service, and undergo specific training.

To determine your eligibility for a specific military nursing position, you should contact the relevant branch of the military (e.g., Army, Navy, Air Force) to inquire about their specific requirements and application process and confirm that you meet all the required qualifications.

Best wishes,

Nurse Beth