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RN Health Coaching

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I was wondering about health coaching. Do you have to have training in it? There are training websites, but of course they are expensive. :o

Also how would you start? Would you start by marketing online and in person?

If someone is in this field, and does not feel comfortable answering all these questions on the board, you can pm me.


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I saw this online and was wondering about it too. Did you find anything out about it?

My employer just paid for 2 nurses to obtain their certification


Specializes in education, Peds ICU, cardiac, LNC, psych.

Who is your employer, if you don't mind me asking?


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DriBak, where did they get their certification from?

magnolia nurse


Duke integrated Care in North Carolina has a certification course, I attended a presentation by the director last week..


sounded pretty good.. healthcare is moving toward this especially with the changes in healthcare, we can be a part of the solution in assisting people to become more healthy and making healthy choices that is best for them instead of what we think they need.. I love the concept..

Wellcoaches has a program for nurses, and so does Wellness Inventory. I have completed Wellcoaches, and I am in the middle of Wellness Inventory. I recommend both. I live close to Duke as mentioned in the previous post, and it looks like a good program.

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Why are you doing both>

I had seen the Wellness Inventory wheel a few years ago and totally loved it. And then forgot about it, because I couldn't pay for it at the time.

This year I found Wellcoaches, and it was for health care professionals. So, they had an easy 5 month payment plan and I started it. Wellcoaches is great.

I was actually planning on adding a training on for vision boards, but then I found the Wellness Inventory tool again, and something just drew me to it again.

Actually both trainings are a little different. With Wellcoaches, they are an EXCELLENT training ground for coaching. As I have started Wellness Inventory, this is a wonderful assessement tool, and training program as well. The difference is, I am learning about and on myself with the Wellness Inventory. Quite eye opening. Quite life changing actually. I am learning to breathe, and I am really working on myself.

As I said before, to be involved in health and wellness I believe we don't need anything else to tell someone what they need to be doing. As far as coaching, we really (at least me) don't know how to help someone bring out what is already in them (everyone really knows deep down what they need to do) and help them get from point A to point B. This is where the coaching training comes in.

So, I like both. There are others out there to choose from. These are the only two I am intimately familiar with. I am also a Christian, and there is a coaching program with some training available. There are programs for being a life coach. All fun!

Hope that helps.

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this is really needed, to encourage people to change behavior and offer a great service.. and with a change in health care.. we all need to be a little healthier or at least work at and help others do the same..

it seems there is more and more information out there everyday about coaching. It's just hard to determine which ones are the "real deal". I would imagine I want to get certified by a company that is accredited. I am currently an RN with 9 years ICU experience and would like to branch over to the other side of treatment, with preventative care and encouragin g health and wellness among our communitites. Does anyone have any advice or who I might contact to determine which comapny will get me a real certification in wellness coaching. Thanks to all.

I just completed a program at Duke Integrative Medicine in Integrative Health Coaching. Believe me, Duke is the real deal. I'm trying to get my practice rolling.

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If you want to get into health and wellness coaching and are looking for a company that "offers a real certification in wellness coaching" than you might want to think about joining the American Holistic Nurses Association.

All the coaching programs out there do have a certificate or some sort of certification for finishing a coaching program but remember that health and wellness coaching is not recognized by the State Board of Nursing nor the American Nurses Association as a nursing specialty.

So if you want an accredited certification that is recognized by the State Boards of Nursing, getting your certification in Holistic nursing may be what you are looking for, not those other programs.

They offer there members lots of resources, classes, CEUs, preparation to take the Holistic Nurse certification, starting your own practice and much more.

Holistic Nursing deals with preventative care, health and wellness, and combining alternative treatments with traditional care and much, much more.

Check out the website and let me know how you make out.

Good Luck!


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Hi Tlancio, thank you for your insightful response. How long is the holistic course you mentioned, more than a year if one already has a Bachelors Degree and can one do this course on line? Yiggs


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In reply to yiggs, Did you check out their website, American Holistic Nurses Ass. for information? Go to the Education page and look under Endorsed Programs for a coaching program they recommend or join the Association to learn about Holistic Nursing to see if this is something you might be interested in.

any information regarding a nursing position in which one can get the training for health coaching while working? I'm a single mom who is waaay ready to get out of the acute care setting & am really interested in health coaching. I am also a yoga instructor & holistic health counselor.


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Just to update my post above from 2011, there is now certification for nurses who are coaches. The American Holistic Nurses’ Certification Corporation (AHNCC) which is the board that certifies nurses in Holistic Nursing, is now accepting applications for a new program called Professional Nurse Coaches Certification Program. This is for nurses who are working as health and wellness coaches, they can now become certified, recognized as a nursing specialty. You'll be able to put the initials NC-BC behind your name - Nurse Coach Board Certified. Here's a link to the certification program if anyone is interested AHNCC

To answer the question above from njoceangirl41 you could try looking at insurance companies, they hire health coaches or if there is an alternative health center in your area, they may hire health coaches also. You probably won't find these jobs listed, you'll have to go looking for them by calling the companies or going directly to their websites for info. It also helps if you know someone who works for these types of companies, they can help you get a foot in the door. Good luck!

It may be a little late in replying to this thread but I am a coach and a nurse. I have been nursing for the past 15 years and have a Masters in Nursing Education, Profession certificate in Health Systems Management and also a Quality Improvement Advisor. If you are interested in coaching please let me know I've helped so many nurses who are new to their manager role and transitioning from a clinical to non-clinical role. A coach can make all the difference plus I love to support others.

MshawSVS I am interested in coaching and would appreciate some insight you may have!

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I am not clear on the concept of health coaching because initially I thought we were all looked at as coaching the patient toward health through nurse care plans promoting diet, exercise and healthy living choices. Granted we treat the patient through a disease process but couldn't we change the model around and use the skills we already spent years studying and practicing? Is there anybody who knows enough about health coaching that can explain the difference? I feel with all my years as a nurse, teaching proper nutrition, etc I could already consider myself a health coach. Am I wrong in thinking this?


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