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deeppink hello everyone i'm new to these forums. i'm very confused on something. any help would be greatly appreciated! ok..well i'm currently at a junior college that has a nursing program so students can earn their rn degree in 2 calendar years. the drawback is...they only select students once a year, and with me being a freshman it really seems to put me back. i was wondering: is there any other way to obtain an rn? do i have to go to a 2 yr college to get my rn degree? b/c i'm really wanting to go ahead and start my rn-bsn-msn step program but with the way i'm going right now that'll be 3 years!:confused:


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Why don't you just get a bachelors in nursing first? It'll take you about 4 years and the wait lists aren't usually a problem.


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I want to do that. The only problem is I want to enter the RN-BSN-MSN mobility step? Do you already have your RN?


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What is the RN-BSN-MSN Mobility Step? :confused:

Wouldn't a 4 year BSN followed by a BSN-MSN bridge be the same thing?


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The only way you might start sooner is if there is another community college you could go to that selects classes twice a year, and even then you might be too late. My college gave nursing school entrance exams for next semester last month.

It would probably be a good idea to start taking the prereqs, My school won't even let you start the 2 year program until you have completed at least a few of these. Most people in the program seem to be on a pace to finish the "2 year program" in about 3 years from when they started taking classes.


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RN-BSN-MSN Mobility Step is where RN's can start taking classes for their Bachelor's and their Master's at the same time. It supposed to be an "Easy Transition" for those RN's wanting to go ahead and their Masters.

I would do the BSN-MSN step, but I haven't seen one offered


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I have all but 7out of 10 prereqs completed. I started college while in high school to get some core's out of the way. I just wish I didn't have to wait an entire year! The only upside is that I have a year to finish alot of classes that I have to have to enter the BSN program.

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There is no quick way to do this. If you go the community college (ADN) degree route, you'll find that you will probably have to complete a year's worth of prerequisite academics first. Then you may or may not be selected for the actual nursing program. Your performance in your academics may have a lot to do with whether you get in. You might have to be put on a waiting list or continue to try to requalify either once or twice a year depending on the admission practices.

The BSN may take the same amount of time, all things considered. Also remember, a two year college doesn't really apply to nursing. It's two years of nursing education and a year or more of prerequisite academics.

Remember, this is a profession, not just a job. It's going to take some time.


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welcome to the board. i don't know what area of alabama you are from, however, below is a link to a list of schools. you may click on "find a school" then click on "location" and "type of program you're interested in.

all the best to you.


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