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Ok, so I know I can get my RN-BSN online, however, I am looking for a school that doesn't require you to take a Stats class to be accepted. The school I am currently at doesn't require math at all so I'm really trying to not have to take it if at all possible to finish up my BSN. Does anyone know of any schools where this is possible? I'm sure I will end up taking it eventually but I would really rather not have to try and take a Stat's class somewhere while I'm finishing up getting my RN now. Thanks in advance.

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According to the "essentials of BSN education" from American Association of Colleges of Nursing, one of the major outcomes of a BSN education is the ability to "interpret & use quantitative data". The course work or clinical experiences should provide the graduate with the knowledge & skills to: apply research-based knowledge from nursing and the sciences as the basis for practice; use appropriate evaluation methds to analyze the quality of nursing care; utilize cost-benefit analysis and variance data in providing and evaluating care.

So - a basic understanding of statistical analysis is an integral part of any accredited BSN program. If you find one that doesn't have it, it is not meeting accreditation standards. Maybe you can find one that incorporates stats into another type of couse?

Srsly, stats is nothing to be afraid of. You may need to take an algebra 'refersher' first, but it is very do-able. It may be that you should take this course in a traditional classroom rather than online, because of the extra support from peers and instructors that is available in a face-to-face environment.

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