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suzanne4, RN

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hi, i am an RMN, read ur thread as i wanted to work in florida last year n although i don't want to now i did sart my RGN conversion at uni to go. however i have since heard that it is only the nursing agencies that state u need the RN liscence, and infact if you apply directly to psych hospitals in some states u m ay get a post, u will still need to pass N clex, but if i were u i would try direct states i know someone that is trying for atlanta so give it a go... i understand the frustration its annoying because mental health is the area u want to work in not general over there! good luck...there may be hope!!

Sorry but you are 100% wrong on this. If you pass NCLEX, you will get a nursing license. However, no state will permit you to sit for the exam without having hours in all needed areas. CGFNS handles the Visa Screen Certificate and they will not give their approval either, so legally you cannot work.

The US, as well as Canada, require the generalist approach, not the specialist approach and there is no way around it without having the appropriate number of clinical as well as theory hours in the three areas.


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Yes I realise this, I will look into the RN route too, however I'm also applying for a green card through the lottery system as I was not born in the UK I can apply (unfortunately not till September) so the LPN route is an option in the million to one chance I get one!

Do you have any ideas as to how much RN training is in the US.?

Thanks again, you are a fountain of information.

I do not want to rain on your idea but in the US there are waiting lists to get into RN programs we don't have engough teachers to support the number of students wanting to get in. Good luck. :balloons:

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