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Has anyone else applied to the LPN to RN fast track at Riverside for the June 2014 class? I am waiting on my letter and want to get together with more prospective students.

I applied to the program. Had my interview last week. Anxiously waiting on an acceptance letter. So ready to get started. Hope to meet you.


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When I interviewed she said she hoped to have the letters mailed out by first week of May, so that's next week. I've been anxious for a month now.

Have you received any notification yet? I still have to complete my medical terminology class through portage..makes me so mad I have to take this class, you would think that a nurse would be be well versed in medical terminology already.


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I talked with her yesterday and she wasn't sure if she would get letters out this week. My medical terminology from Riverside's LPN program was acceptable but I still need to take developmental psych through portage but I'm waiting to find out if I was accepted or not before starting it. Maybe by this time next week we will know.

LOL...I am waiting to see if I got in too before I spend the money on that class. How long ago did you finish your LPN program? Did you check out anymore schools for RN before you chose Riverside?


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I finished in 2007, I did look into others but I decided Riverside was best for me


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Have you gotten your letter yet? I received mine, I'm in so now I have to start my dev psy.

Congratulations!!!! I haven't seen anything yet, although I haven't checked the mail since Friday morning. I am so excited to get home and check the mail. Hopefully when I check the mail this afternoon I will have a letter. Crossing my fingers.

I'm in too. WOO-HOO I called yesterday because I hadn't received a letter yet and I was so anxious. She said Congratulations you have been accepted. She said she mailed them out on Friday. I live in NC so mine may be taking a little longer for me to receive. Now for me to take this medical terminology class...have you started yours yet. I feel like I am waiting until the last minute, can you take the online class as fast as you want or is there a set amount of time?


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Hi ladies, I got I too! Got my letter this week. Very, very excited....long time coming.

Hi...Congratulations on your acceptance. Seems like things are in overdrive now. We will be starting class in a short time. Im excited but nervous. Been awhile since Ive been in nursing school. I guess I will be meeting you soon.

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