Riverside Community Hospital StaRN October 2018

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Creating this for those are who applied to the RCH StaRN program for October 2018. We had the initial interview on Friday. Has anyone heard back for 2nd interviews yet?

Nothing yet, have you heard anything today?

Nothing on my end either

I got the email about the pre-screening and work opportunity credit form that said they will be contacting me via phone or email with the next steps of the screening process. But that was on 8/7/18 and it's been a week and no response. When I call their HR it is a recorded message that doesn't let me speak to a representative. Can anyone give any advice/feedback as to their responses from HR?

I e-mailed the StarRN recruiter... and she said normally HR sends her a list of candidates that were chosen to move to interviews and a list of the one's that are not selected and she starts contacting them. She said she hasn't heard anything yet and said they would know by next Friday.

How did they originally contact you to move onto the first round of interviews? I contacted HR and they stated there was a mandatory job I was supposed to attend Friday 8/10/18. When I told her I never received notification of such an event she told me that HR does not provide that notification but that other people figured it out via word of mouth, their website, or through a school notification.

I randomly came across it as I was searching for new grad positions. It was about 2.5 weeks before it was going to happen and they didn't have any more spots for people to go, but I got on the waitlist. I emailed them expressing my interest in going too and then got off the waitlist. They said on the site that they could put you on the priority for the list for the next cohort if you wouldn't have your license by September 1st, so I would definitely ask about it!

I attended the job fair on 8/10/18 and was contacted today about an interview.

I attended the job fair on 8/10/18 and was contacted today about an interview.

What unit contacted you?

I was told that any of the units I spoke to at the job fair could be in the interview. They did not say which unit in particular. I was told to be prepared for all of them

I went to the interview today. And they said they'll be conducting interviews all through next week. They're interviewing about 200 people and only choosing 37.

When did they tell you that you would hear an answer back?

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