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Are out of state LVN's accepted to the online Advanced placement program?

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Are you planning on taking the classes while still being out of state? If so, then how will you complete your clinicals? You have to be in state to do your clinicals, so although I don't know for sure if they accept out of state, I'm pretty sure they don't.

If you're living here though, then you just have to pay a higher out of state tuition.



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you have to be here to complete clinicals. If your moving here then you would have to pay out of state tuition. I just moved here and I am taking prereqs with Rio and until you live here for a year the tuition is 280.00 per credit hour. Also if your advance placement you still have to complete the prereqs so if you had different requirments at the LPN school you attended then you could take those until you establish residency. If you stay under 7 credits a semester then you would pay 90.00 per credit. Then In state is 65.00. Which is crazy cheap cuz in colorado I paid 190.00 for in state tuition. Course most everything here is pretty cheap in comparison to where I am from and we make more money here. Anyhow, good luck


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Yes, I would stay here in Texas, except for clinicals. I have contacted them and am waiting for a reply. Thanks so much for your replies. The info is helpful.

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