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  1. tobimikal

    Do they count LPN experience re: pay?

    This is funny cuz I was just watching the news and there was a big thing about the school nurse shortage in the valley. Apparently schools are starting to hire cna, lpn, paramedics, pretty much anyone to fill the positions and theres an upset as to whether or not anyone but an RN should be considered qualified enough to fill the school nurse spots. So it looks like you shouldnt have a problem there. Im sure you could find the story on the FOX 10 news website if your interested. Good Luck to you.
  2. tobimikal

    Algebra online????

    Im going to go against the popular opinion also. I am soooo horrible with math also and I attempted intro algebra with Rio this semester. Two weeks into it I withdrew because I couldnt even grasp the simple concepts. I probably could have stuck with it and pulled a C but I was afraid that I wouldn't understand enough to take intermediate algebra. Plus I am not okay with a C in any class. So I chose to take it over the summer on campus to savor my GPA and make sure I get the most out of the class. But everyone learns different. Just my .
  3. tobimikal

    maricopa nursing student

    :nuke:Hi everyone, Does anyone know if you have to take CPR prior to applying to mccnp. When I looked about a year ago I could have sworn that you had to give them a copy of your card with the application. I know that alot has changed though and I do not see anything about it in the new newsletter. I would just like to confirm so that I dont have any surprises. Thanks in advance to everyone.
  4. tobimikal

    Unit Secretary Job

    I also have 3 kids all under four years old. I have worked graveyards and 2-10. Mine are younger than yours so that may make a difference but it was really hard on them. sounds like they wont have to do much daycare so that would be a plus. It is always better when they get to hang out with dad instead of daycare. All I can say is that it sounds like you already have some guilt about it and that will only get worse when you are actually working. I suggest waiting for a morning shift to open, that will not be nearly as hard on them. Just my two cents. Good Luck.
  5. tobimikal

    How do you convice elderly people of certain things?

    Sounds like your dads not that bad. just a little stubborn. Arent we all!! people his age grew up in the depression and they tend to still have habits from that. Most of them never throw anything away until you throw it away for them and they save money anywhere they can, even if it is only 2 cents. This is the way he was raised and theres nothing wrong with that. There are extreme cases however, I knew a lady that was always hiding her old briefs and trying to rinse them out, hang dry , and reuse ( Yuckkkk).
  6. tobimikal

    Will my CNA license be in jeopardy ?

    First let me say that school comes first. That said. The rules for us are very clear. Abandonment is when you walk off a job in the middle of your shift before there is another aide to take over your patients. I would make it clear that I DO NOT agree to be mandated when I have school and put in my two weeks notice. She will have no choice but to mandate someone else and as long as you dont walk out in the middle of a shift your fine.
  7. tobimikal

    The Alzheimer's Patient's Prayer

    Thats beautiful. Thanks for sharing!!
  8. tobimikal

    Talking to Residents

    I agree. Your classmates sound like jerks to me. Trust me when I say that not only is it okay to ask residents how their feeling, it should be one of your first questions everyday. One of the most important parts of being a CNA is that you MUST know exactly what is going on with your patient. Are they in pain, are they feeling unusually sick or uncomfortable. You are the one that has to let the nurse know if there is something different going on with a patient. Many times what seems insignificant may be a sign of something more serious. You will learn with experience what different signs are but you cant protect your patient if you dont know whats up with them. Also it is just common courtesy to show some genuine concern. So dont listen to them, you sound like your going to be a very good aide, dont let them take your confidence away from you. Stand up for yourself and tell them to shove it. I most definately would.
  9. tobimikal

    Question? Need some info.

    In most states it depends on what the offense is. Many times you can send the board all the necessary paperwork showing that you did whatever was court ordered and they will make a final decision. There are however some offenses that wont normally work with you on like domestic violence, theft, and DUI. I think that those are the big ones but this may vary from state to state. I would suggest calling the board and talking to them. I would think that if it was a juvenile offense, they will give that some consideration.
  10. tobimikal

    need opinions about withdrawing from class

    I would say that having a W is better than a bad grade. Also I think this happens to alot of students with online classes. The Sciences are hard classes and many people say that they had a horrible time taking them online. Some people do well in online classes and some dont, especially when they end up with a professor that is not much help. I would withdrawl and take it in class to see if that helps. Also, ask some other students which professor they recommend before you register.
  11. tobimikal

    Maricopa Skills Center's Question's

    If the first 14 weeks are classes only then are there still classes while your in clinicals too. Im confused, is it first half only classes and second half only clinicals or is the second half both?
  12. tobimikal

    How would you handle this, VERY lazy CNA!

    I would just like to say that I am not a nurse, I am a CNA and theres no way that even I would not do anything about her. Although I have no authoritative power over other aides I absolutely have no problem making aides like this lifes a living hell. Unfortunatley, many times administration does not like to upset the aides because it is so hard to find a full crew that actually shows up for their shifts. This aides behavior is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE!!! A classic case of Resident abuse and this should not be tolerated. These people deserve to be shown some respect and dignity. It reminds me of this girl that once told me that her CNA instructor made them all put on briefs over their scrubs that were dipped in water and strapped them up in a hoyer for 2 hours to show them some humility. That is great and if you ask me should be a standard practice in CNA classed nationwide.
  13. tobimikal

    CNA on Med/Surg Floor?

    Oh I just noticed your user name. Are you from the valley? I live in Gilbert. Just wondering what hospital you are applying for because I am going to be applying for a hospital tech job too, just not sure which hospital I have decided on.
  14. tobimikal

    CNA on Med/Surg Floor?

    I dont work in a hospital. I work LTC. I would just like to say that it is perfectly normal to be nervous about changing briefs and doing peri care. Just know that the nervous feelings you have wont last long. You will get over it very quickly. But yes no matter where you work as a CNA doing that sort of thing is going to be a major part of your job. You will be fine. Just get in there and do it and you will be surprised how quickly your "modesty" will be left at the wayside and you will be eating lunch and doing all sort of things that most people would find appauling in between without a second thought. Good Luck and welcome to the wonderful world of nursing!!
  15. tobimikal

    On-call 24/7

    I would say "absolutely, and every time one of my aides calls in I will be sure to call and wake you up in the middle of your night to come in and work the floor since your too cheap to hire enough people to appropriately staff your facility". But thats just me because if I were you I would be on my way out the door like yestrday.
  16. tobimikal

    calling all ED Technicians

    OMG you are wonderful. Thank you so much. I think I am going to take the class first so that I dont feel like absolutely everything is new. I am really excited because I am really bored with ADL's only. I knew that the ER would be completely different so that is really my motivation. You gave a wonderful description. God Bless you!! P.S. can you believe I have never had to code anyone EVER. That should be an experience:):cheers:

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