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I am currently taking BIO156 online through Rio Salado. This is my first time taking an online class. I cannot beleive how much work it is. I have been getting B's on my assignments and quizzes. But I work my arse off to get B's on these assignments. The midterm is coming up and I don't think I'm going to be able to pull it off. It just seems like too much info for any human to digest in such a short amount of time. Anyone else here taken this class in a compressed format? Am I just freaking out?? Any comments or advice is welcomed.


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I droppped it through Rio. Could not handle it. I hear it is more doable through Phoenix College.


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I've taken both Rio and Phoenix classes. The online class at PC are better organized. I was able to get an A in Anatomy. I got a C in my Rio biology class.


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Yeah it was tough... sorry no doubts about that. The midterms and finals at Rio are random and crazy hard at times and all I can say is I pulled a C in 156 and B's in the A&P's... glutton that I am I am taking Chem130 through them and perhaps Micro. But I am already in a Nursing program... so to me at this point just getting a C in the Sciences is OK by me! Although I do have to say they have prepared me well for the Nursing style test questions!


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I found that writing out important points for ALL the essay questions really helped me remember the material when the midterm/final came around. You can swing it.


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Hi there Golgi apparatus, I was wondering if you had already taken the midterm for bio 156? I am currently taking the 8 wk program through Rio and it is almost over (Aug 2):yeah:however, I did horrible on the midterm. Fortunately I have awesome grades on the quizzes and essays; but even then, the midterm really affected my grade. I am not sure if this is all in my mind, but I felt as if the midterm was extremely irrelevant and somewhat random. I studied very hard and yet failed the quizzes on the midterm. I'm considering retaking the class online through Phx CC in the event that I fail this one.:crying2: Feedback from anyone who has taken Bio 156 through Phx college is highly appreciated.


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I got an F because I signed up to take Algebra at the same time. I suck at math and it was horrible.

Anyway, I ended up dropping Math (too late to get a refund) and failing Bio 156.

Talk about a waste of money!!!

Since I already bought the books debating on taking the classes again but separately..


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You have come this far and are doing well. If you know have the time to devote to it, persevere. That particular class through Rio IS a lot of work and challenging for pretty much everyone. When it is over you will be glad you just went ahead with it. One good this about it is that it gives you an idea of the pace of nursing school. So, think of it as a good time to hone your study, organizational, and time management skills. You don't want to wait until you are in nursing school to perfect those skills. Best of luck!


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DONT TAKE BIO 156 AT RIO SALADO!this is a very unorganized course. I am a very motivated student and am good at getting stuff done when need be but this class is crazy. I think I wrote more essays in this class then I did in WRT 102! I definitely suggest going elsewhere if possible.


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Personally, I prefer taking classes online because I can work at my own pace, don't have to drive to school, or deal with classmates. I have taken BIO 156, 201, and 202 at Rio Salado and at first it was difficult for me. This is because you really don't know what kind of teacher you will get. Some of them will grade essays more for grammatical quality than actual content. Some of the teachers give very vague feedback. I would NEVER take an accelerated science course here because I do also work full time and the accelerated program has 3-4 assignments due/week.

What works for me is when I go to add a class, I will look up the professor on See what rating they get, and read previous students comments. I always leave a review for my teacher on for the use of other students. This has been VERY helpful. Assignments aren't sure until midnight at the end of the week so you will have PLENTY of time to finish your work. I personally don't like someone talking at me...The information doesn't sink in unless I read and take notes on my own. Hope this helps!

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