Waiting game! ATT from RI?

  1. Hello, I am hoping someone can answer a question for me.. I recently graduated about a week ago and am waiting to receive my ATT from RI. I am already registered and paid in full through PearsonVue for the test itself but all I am waiting for is the ATT. I looked up my name under the license verification and it says "pending" for the past two days and the check has been cashed. Is something wrong?
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  3. by   TRR8021
    Check on your transcripts. That's usually the hold up and that happened with me. I would check with your school first before trying to contact the BON (it's hard to get through unless you want to go over to the office yourself.)
  4. by   cjcsoon2bnp
    Just a heads up, it usually takes a while. I would give it another week and then try going into the office and checking on the status of your application.

    I know that my ATT was sent to me via e-mail but was sent approximately 2 1/2 weeks after I hand delivered my completed application into the Dept. of Health (and confirmed that they had recieved my transcripts). I've gone to the Nursing Licensure Dept. at the Dept. of Health on more times then I care to remember (for myself and with friends) and I can tell you this...

    • Apparently, only one person does this job of processing new nursing license applications (as she told me herself).
    • Every time I have walked in that office, no matter what time of day, there is always (1) An office FULL of employees that are standing around while only one person appears to be actually working (I have heard some really fascinating personal conversations going on while people are standing at the counter waiting to be helped.) and (2) the phone is constantly ringing and no one will even attempt to answer it.

    So if I were you I would try to be patient and give it at least two weeks before you start inquiring about your application because any sooner then that and they tend to get very impatient with you and you may find it takes even longer to process your application. Best of luck and remember your in the same boat and hundreds of other new RI nurses. Think of it as a sort of rite of passage!