Now the wait begins! (CCRI)

  1. It's so quiet in here lately! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. I dropped off my application to CCRI yesterday after my Micro grade posted. According to the website, those accepted off the waiting list will be notified by Oct. 1 and those with performance based apps will be notified by Nov., my questions are...

    -Is the waiting list really gone?
    -If it is gone, do you think we'll have to wait until November to hear!?

    Thanks for humoring my silly questions again!
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  3. by   Northofnowhere
    I'm glad to see I'm not the only one "waiting"!

    I put in my application on May 27th and have been holding my breath that maybe a spot would open up in the fall, but am pretty much resigned to the fact that I won't be getting in until the spring.

    I am very curious too if the waiting list is indeed gone. I haven't asked anyone from admissions about it, but am curious.

    I hate the waiting game and have become obsessed with checking my Pipeline email EVERYDAY!
  4. by   Jubilayhee
    At least we wont have to wait that long. Just july and august, and if I dont get accepted for the fall then I'll wait till next year for the evening at lincoln. No point of quiting my day job just to be one measly semester ahead. If you check the nursing course level 1 availability, it still says that it has a few openings, so I am crossing my fingers for the fall.
  5. by   MrsPeep
    Did you guys specifically apply for the fall? I need a daytime program and I called admissions and asked if I should apply for the fall at Warwick or Providence. She said there were spaces open, but that if I wasn't accepted I'd have to wait until next Feb to apply again (meaning I couldn't be accepted for Spring if the Fall didn't work out). So, I just checked off Lincoln/Days/Spring on my application. Either way, I hope we hear quickly! It's not like they need to consider any essays or interviews! GL! Let us know if you hear anything!
  6. by   Jubilayhee
    Mrs. Peeps I highly doubt what that advisor told you was true; because I doubt that many people checked off lincoln/days when there was an option for prov/days a semester earlier. And if there are not enough people for the lincoln/day semester then what would they do. Ask people that applied for the fall, Im sure of it. I think she was just trying to encourage people to apply for that option. I checked off lincoln/evening and then wrote a note that I would also accept days in prov or warwickin the fall.
  7. by   Northofnowhere
    I checked off Providence/Days/Fall on my application and handed it in personally to the admissions person at the Providence campus. I asked him if he already had all the people he need for the fall, and he said yes and that he would put my application in for Lincoln/Days/Spring. The admissions guy started to cross out that I had checked Providence/Fall and then just left it and said it would be good for the spring. I just hope that doesn't mean I have to completely re-apply again and won't be considered for next Spring. Now I think I'm gonna have to call to double check.

    I hadn't even thought to look if there were still spots open/available under the registration thing.
  8. by   Jubilayhee
    I should also note that the lincoln/day holds 88 seats, which is allot. The school wants to fill them up first, and I'm betting they will flexible in doing so.
  9. by   nkara
    I think people that are still on the waiting list are being called as well. I'm not sure how they are doing it but I have heard a few people who were on the waiting list and did get in and then I heard people got in based on the grades... I have a few more years or pre-req's before I can apply and I intend on applying to the evening or weekend program. I work full time nights so the day program isn't doable for me.
  10. by   MrsPeep
    Yeah, the advisor was very vague with her answers! I kept asking if I should call Warwick/Providence, and speak with someone there and she said they would just tell me the same thing! :angryfire That kind of makes me mad. Oh well...I will just be happy to get in. I would still love to know if people are on the waiting list!
  11. by   crazensweet
    wow!!! sounds confusing?

    I have a question...I just look over the 09/10 catalog and one of the pre-req's is a HUMANITIES course as well!!! But on the Nursing website where you can print out the requirements there is no mention of that additional humanities class. Does anyone have any idea?

    get it together CCRI.....Please get it together........
  12. by   Northofnowhere
    I saw that too. I think you need a humanities elective to graduate, but I don't think
    it's an actual pre-req.
    That's the way I read it anyways!
  13. by   crazensweet
    Well i hope thats the case.
    ON pg 105 its in the same box listed with the other pre-admission requirements:
    humanities or social science elective
    anway GOOD LUCK to you all!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. by   MrsPeep
    I think the elective is to replace the abnormal psych requirement. When I printed my degree evaluation for Pre-Reqs it doesn't show up. I did a what-if-analysis for the whole program, and it shows up there. I think if you're doing the day program, you don't need to have it done ahead of time. I called the department and they counted one of my transfer courses as the can't hurt to give them a call if you have other classes, they may count!