1. Has anyone taken human anatomy at CCRI? I'm having such a.hard time with it. I'm not able to remember anything I'm studying, there is so much to know and cover. I'm over whelmed by all the materials as well. Not to mention our lecture is very behind our lab class. I work full time, tired by the of.the day and very stressed out already. Can any one offer any helpful tips or studying ideas Anything will help! Thank you
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  3. by   nicole1295
    Hi, I also took anatomy at ccri, this is a very tough class. You should have access to blackboard. Dr. J is a very dedicated professor who teaches anatomy on the Newport campus, he allows everyone to use his sight it is awesome, this may help you wonders. I actually took it with this professor and your right this is probably the most difficult science of the three that are required. I applaud you for working full time and taking this class. When I took this class I took it alone and didn't work.
  4. by   mjpap
    Sounds like we may be in the same class, as our lecture has been behind. I have an upcoming lecture exam, and I am nowhere near ready. But for the labs, I found Seans videos very helpful, if ypu are taking Dr. J. Also, going into the lab on my free time. But it definitely is overwhelming, but alnost half way done.
  5. by   Mrs.LaDuke09
    Thanks for your advice. I have Dr.J's website
    .it seems to have a lot of information regarding the cat which is very sad I'm just thankful I have a great lab partner. Its just diffacult to manage my time I suppose
    But thanks your help its appreciated
  6. by   Mrs.LaDuke09
    I don't.know are we in the same class. Lol
    Wed lab Monday lecture
    ? Its very over whemling
    Took much to know
    I've spoken to a lot of nurses and.none know why we do the cat more help with nursing loo so I don't get that
  7. by   Ffranco
    Try to figure out what to study more of , go to lab extra time , make pictures , cards , what ever you need color if you have to .Record the lectures lisen to them on your lunch or at night do what ever you need to get the best grade you dont want to retake that class again any more advice shoot me a message.
  8. by   mbraga92
    Sorry for the late reply. Two things that really helped me was 1. Flash cards. I bought these really detailed flashcards by Kaplain (sp?) and they cover every system and every detail. I took 2 flash cards, memorized each part over and over. Then once i knew i was pretty good on those two cards, i added another. Then kept rotating them back and forth quizzing myself. Slowly adding more and more back untill the system was covered. 2. I video recorded everything in lab. When the professor was disecting each part of the cat to the whole class, i video recorded her. As she said "This is the ____. This is the ____. I watched the video over and over untill i memorized what she was pointing to. Hoped that helped.
  9. by   hellenn
    Hi! I took this class w Dr J last fall. It was the hardest but most rewarding class I've ever taken and he's the BEST teacher I've ever had. I got an A, if I could do it, you can! Here's what you need to know -
    1) you need to literally study all the time (or as much as humanly possible). Go into the lab as much as possible!! I liked going on Mondays because you could stay all day and night.
    2) buddy up!! You'll see who else is always in the lab too- befriend them! (The friends I made in anatomy got me thru it! And we all take our sciences together now! There's 7 of us together in micro now!)
    2a) buddies = help on quizzes! Take them together or Skype
    2b) start a private group on Facebook where you can all post questions, frustrations, laughs, pictures of lab...
    3b) pool your lecture quizzes, put on a word doc, make into flashcards.
    3) the trick is- get 100's on all of your prelabs (you can take them over and over until u do, highest grade is counted- if you happen to get a 90, it will bring your lab exam grade down!!) Shoot for high 80 and above on lecture quizzes, 90+ on lab plus every bonus pt opportunity you can get and you'll w able to flub a bit on lecture exams.
    4) record dr j on yr phones video when he comes to your lab table and shows you that weeks muscles, veins whatever
    5) draw! All the veins and arteries are like streets and confusing. Drawing them while looking at my cat - immense help!
    6) record lectures! Camtasias are time consuming
    7) there's lots of great videos and websites, sometimes you just need to hear something explained in a different way for it to click
    8) know how he says "read the damn questions?" Seriously - I used to get mad at him (cheerfully tho) bc some of his questions were worded very tricky!!
    9) get Kaplan's Anatomy Coloring book. (Also helpful for physiology next semester!)
    All in all, he gives every resource and opportunity possible to students. He truly, honestly cares and wants you to succeed. Utilize all he's provided, email him any questions. He's in the lab even on his days off a lot! My entire group got A's. We all helped each other.
    Speaking of helping people- not everyone in your class wants to help and sometimes a jerk will move the tags on lab exams because the program is so competitive. Omg. If you're ever unsure, tell him! My last exam I lost a few bc someone moved tags and I didn't ask him!
    Just prepare to dig in and not come up for air. It's only a semester- DONT get tripped up by those who are retaking it or if they have an attitude. If they hog your cat, switch lab partners or say something to them. The worst part is the AMOUNT of info each week but the class really is fun! Phys and micro are more boring and any teacher pales after J.
    Good luck!! A friend of mine is taking it right now in Newport, hopefully you'll end up meeting her and can be buddies! Please trust me when I say that if I can do it you can!!!