Advice for anatomy over the summer? (at CCRI)

  1. Hi, is anyone else planning on taking a science class over the summer session? I'm seriously considering taking Anatomy, but I have heard scary things about doing so. The thing is, I really think I *HAVE* to.

    I had a spring start and was unable to get into Anatomy because the classes were all full. If I don't take it over this summer, it will set my entire schooling plan back by several semesters (one semester to take a lone Microbiology class, and then at least one more to be able to get into the nursing program once all my grades are in). Also, I absolutely need financial aid to be able to afford school, but taking only one class won't allow me to get any (I'd have to be going at least half-time). Obviously this would be a problem when it came time to take Microbiology by itself.

    Any advice about taking a science over the summer? Has anyone actually done it, and if so did you get good grades? How much study time did you require, and how often did you have class? I currently am doing well in school, and I am married but have no children so I do have time to study and stuff.

    Thanks in advance for advice, I am majorly worried about this!
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  3. by   mgalano
    I took microbiology this past summer and thought it was pretty easy because its a shorter time than a regular semester. I have heard the same with Anatomy too. The class will be about $650 in the summer but if you can do that then you can get financial aid for the next two semester and you wont need to take micro alone. You can take physiology in the fall and micro in the spring. Have you taken any of the other pre reqs yet?
  4. by   RI Nurse
    It can be done, since you have the time and you are dedicated you should be OK. I took micro in the summer, it was an easy instructor and the class went by soooooo fast b/c it's only 6 weeks vs 3 months if you take it in the fall or spring. if you organize your time and devote 6 wks to Anatomy, you will do just fine.
    Good luck
  5. by   StrawberryVanilla
    Thanks for responding I've completed one other class (a simple elective) and am currently working on three more of the pre-reqs (I literally just got started). I'm glad to hear that Micro was do-able for you over a summer term! That gives me hope that I can handle Anatomy without losing my mind or getting a D or something

    Was it an intense amount of studying over the summer, like a few hours every night type thing? I've heard conflicting reports on doing the sciences over the summer, some people have said they have to study a lot every night and others have said it's not quite that much.
  6. by   RI Nurse
    I was studying pretty much every night, remember it's only 6 weeks, it's going to be intense, but it is duable. Do you work? if you do, it might be a little bit difficult, if not, you should be fine. I would get some books from the library like Anatomy made incredibly easy, or anatomy for dummies, there are a lot of resources that can help u get through it. Just ask your school librarian or check craigslist, usually people want to sell their books for less.
    good luck.
  7. by   mgalano
    I worked 20 hours a week, and I had a 1 1/2 year old to take care of. I managed lol