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  1. RI Nurse

    I'm a Newbie

    I have a bachelor degree in english studies, and when I decided to go to nursing, I had to start all over, the only course that was transferred was english, so I had to take all pre-requisite then started the actual nursing classes, I just graduated in December with associate degree in nursing. you don't have to do LVN/LPN to be an RN, you can go straight to RN program. Good luck and keep us posted. RI Nurse:nurse:
  2. RI Nurse


    hi handyrn, you are not wrong, i am looking for verbage. thank you.
  3. RI Nurse


    hi all, I am a new nurse, I am having trouble finding words to document my assessements on patients. do you guys know of any resource or book that can help me master patient's documentation? thank you.
  4. RI Nurse

    Pregnancy and job offers as a new grad

    I graduated on December of 2010, got my NCLEX done in March, I was 13 wks pregnant with my first child when I applied to this LTC/REH facility in March, I was interviewed on the spot, the DON told me she didn't have anything available at the time but she put a star on my resume, 2 weeks ago, I recieved a call from her wanting me for 2nd interview, now I am 26 weeks pregnant and I started showing a little bit, I was honest with her about it and she told me she still have to interview 4 other people, I was shocked when she called me and told me that I am hired. you never know, just be honest up front, and if the job is meant to be for you, you will get it, if not, know that everything happen for a reason. good luck with everything and let me know how you make out.
  5. RI Nurse

    update on 2nd interview

    Thank you for your interest, actually, I got the job and today was my 1st day of orientation, it all went well so far. I am shocked that I was hired this far in my pregnancy. the DON said she liked me a lot and she will train me now until my due date (september) and I promise her I will go back after my maternity leave. To all new grad, keep your spirit up and do not give up, there is hope, It way take a while but eventually you will land a job. Good luck to everybody. RI Nurse:nurse:
  6. RI Nurse

    need opinions

    I just got a job offer as an RN at one of the GENESIS HEALTHCARE NURSING CARE facilities, does anyone work for them or know anything about the job conditions, payrate, vacation time, etc...? thank you in advance.
  7. RI Nurse


    Hello, I have a second interview on thursday for a volunteer position which I don't any details about yet in a local hospital, but today I was offered a job at SNF and I accepted it. Do you guys think I should still go to the interview and apologize to the lady personally or should I just call tomorrow and cancel the appointment. P.S : I am 27 weeks pregnant and the first interview for volunteer position, the lady stated that I should be committed minimum of 4 months, they keep rescheduling this appointment 4 X since last month. now that I am due on September, I won't be able to make that committment. What do you think I should do, I don't want her to think that I am a player. any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. RI Nurse:nurse:
  8. RI Nurse

    Which version of CPR is current?

    I am taking a renewal tomorrow and I heard now it's abbreviation or mnemonic C.A.B (compressions, airway, breathing) instead of the old version A.B.C(airway, breathing compressions/circulation). I hope that anwser your question.
  9. RI Nurse

    update on 2nd interview

    thank you all for the advice.
  10. RI Nurse

    liabilitity insurance NSO

    Thank you guys so much for your input, really appreciate it.
  11. RI Nurse

    Thank you letter

    Hello, I have my second interview today and I am thinking about sending a thank you letter. Do you think is it appropriate and professional to fax it or mail it to the person? Thank you.
  12. RI Nurse

    update on 2nd interview

    Hello everybody, I went today to my second interview, I got there 1/2 hour early and DON said that is always a good sign.The DON said she liked me alot from the first interview and she is so impressed about all the references that I got from my clinical professor during nursing school. She has 2 positions 3-11 every weekend which I am not too thrilled about, I was honest with her about my pregnancy which made her pause for a bit and told me I will think about it, but still continue with the interview and at the end she told me that's not going to disqualify me from the position( not sure, because in case I don't get hired, it won't look like discrimination) , then she will make a decision after she finishes interviewing 4 more people for the job. She also told me that she doesn't like to hire new grad because after a while they leave to work for a hospital and she gets burnt, she said she understands but that's get her mad after training them. I didn't get to ask her more about the 2 positions since the whole path of conversation changed after hearing about my pregnancy. Do you think I should call her and inquire more about the 2 positions or just wait in case I won't be hired anyway? Should I write her a thank you letter again after 2nd interview and thank her for the opportunity and ask her to keep me in mind for future positions of my preferred shift( days & don't mind every other weekend). by the way she asked me when I am due and told her September, she said that may be a problem with orientation and so forth. I did not want to refuse the position when she asked me if I am still interested, I didn't want to sound that I am too picky, but it is definitely not my preffered schedule, I perform better during the day and believe me I am aware as a new grad I should accept anything till I build my experience. What do you think guys I should do? PLEASE HELP ME WITH YOUR SUGGESTIONS. Thanks in advance
  13. RI Nurse

    liabilitity insurance NSO

    Hello, I am a new grad who still looking for a job, but I am interested in getting the liability insurance to cover my license just in case GOD forbid something goes wrong when I start practicing. my question is this : 1/-Does the coverage starts right the way when you sign up for it? 2/-Is there a waiting period before the coverage kicks in? 3/-Will the insurance be willing to cover me even I have not started practicing nursing yet? any information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. RI Nurse:nurse:
  14. RI Nurse

    Need advice what to do?

    sure, I will.
  15. RI Nurse

    Need advice what to do?

    Thank you creative scholar, your message is very encouraging, I will go for the interview and see what happen.:)
  16. RI Nurse

    Need advice what to do?

    Thank you so much for replying Lilnurse, I will definitely update you on what will happen with me on the second interview. Good luck with your pregnancy as well. Thanks again :)