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Rex Healthcare FEB 2015 Residency


Hi! I didn't see a thread for this, so I thought I'd start one! Has anybody out there applied to Rex's new grad program for February 2015? If so, have you heard anything yet/had any status changes to your application?

I applied and my resume was forwarded to the hiring manager a couple weeks ago but I haven't heard anything else.

Me too! Was just wondering if anyone had anything different :)

I also applied to Rex and I am eagerly awaiting news...any news. My status still says "Application Received. Due to the high volume of applications..." Is this a bad sign?? Has anyone else heard anything back? I know the deadline to apply is Dec 2, do you think we will have to wait that long?

I'm not sure! I was really hoping we would hear something before the deadline, but we might have to wait a little while! I am being soooo impatient I know!

I've applied to Rex, also! One of my applications (all submitted yesterday) says forwarded to hiring manager and the other says application received.

I applied and my resume was forwarded to the hiring manager a couple weeks ago but I haven't heard anything else.

Me too. NC is a hard nut to crack. I tried Vidant, UNC, Rex, Duke, and Novant (Winston-Salem and Charlotte), and heard nothing from all of them.

Hey, have anyone heard anything yet. I know a co-worker there and she said most floor already hire there new grad. She said it was 1 new grad per unit except med/surg they needed 6 new grad. And in house new grad still don't have a nursing job because they have 2 years degree. working as a Lpn under RN license, crazy

I haven't heard anything yet. I applied for cardiac intermediate, med surg, and critical care. However, I logged onto my job status and noticed that my status for critical care WAS updated today saying I was not selected. The other two still say forwarded to hiring manger. Soooooooo.....perhaps the other two are still open? I'm not sure! Anybody heard anything else?

Has anyone heard anything?? I tried calling but could not get in touch with anyone. My status still hasn't changed, still saying "received" nd I applied the very first day the application opened. I interviewed at another local hospital and already got offered the job. Rex has been my dream hospital for as long as I can remember and I live in downtown Raleigh. Any insight?

Two of mine say I've not been selected, two still say "application received" and one (women&children's) says forwarded to manager. That's all I really know at this point!