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  1. sobless

    New RN Case Manager

    Hi, just started my first RN case manager job. Working for a hospital home health question is I'm trying to get case management experience to move on the floor is this a good way to get experience and certified in case management. I have 11 years of nursing experience. Thanks
  2. sobless

    New grad BSN

    Hey, I'm a RN with 1 year long term care nursing. Just finish my BSN. Can I apply for new grad to gain orientation in med/surg or mother/baby? Previous nursing experience is LPN for 7 years in long term care nursing.
  3. sobless

    Rex Healthcare FEB 2015 Residency

    Hey, have anyone heard anything yet. I know a co-worker there and she said most floor already hire there new grad. She said it was 1 new grad per unit except med/surg they needed 6 new grad. And in house new grad still don't have a nursing job because they have 2 years degree. working as a Lpn under RN license, crazy
  4. sobless

    Wssu bsn program 2015

    Hey, I applied to there RN2BSN and I just went in and register. So I guess this mean I was acceptted. I been waiting since the beginning of November. Good luck.
  5. sobless

    nclex second time

    @hadassah16 thank you
  6. sobless

    nclex second time

    @jimhalpert I did the hurst review on-line, it help me a lot and 35 page review that someone post.
  7. sobless

    nclex second time

    Did quick result, I pass.
  8. sobless

    nclex second time

    Took the nclex-RN for the second time. Got the good pop up. Happy but don't want to celebrate until Wednesday when I get the quick result. All I can say is thank you God.
  9. sobless

    Repeat taker

    Hey everyone I'm taken my nclex-RN for the second time August 11, I was wondering anyone who was a repeater did you have any similar question from a previous test. Just curious what to expect the second time around. My first test was 265 question and my CPR was (2) above passing and the rest was near passing. They hit me hard with psych question. Thanks a lot
  10. sobless

    failed nclex 1ST time

    Thanks for your advise.
  11. sobless

    failed nclex 1ST time

    @RNsRWe thanks a lot for reply. I will come back when I receive it. And thanks again.
  12. sobless

    failed nclex 1ST time

    @happy2beRnurse thanks a lot, my classmate helping me with a study guide.
  13. sobless

    failed nclex 1ST time

    @pedshopeful, I use hurst nclex, Kaplan nclex, and our school used ATI. I had a lot of psych question I didn't review much on it.
  14. sobless

    failed nclex 1ST time

    Took my boards on June 25 result was on hold for 48 hours did unofficial result and fail came up. When I retake for the second time will the question be the same. I had 265 question the first time. Just need to know how to study for second go around. Thanks
  15. sobless

    Took the NCLEX-RN today...

    Congratulation, how was the nclex was it like ATI? I take mind 16th, everyone said it was easier then ATI. Was speciality units on there? Thanks a lot