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  1. sobless

    New grad BSN

    Hey, I'm a RN with 1 year long term care nursing. Just finish my BSN. Can I apply for new grad to gain orientation in med/surg or mother/baby? Previous nursing experience is LPN for 7 years in long term care nursing.
  2. sobless

    Rex Healthcare FEB 2015 Residency

    Hey, have anyone heard anything yet. I know a co-worker there and she said most floor already hire there new grad. She said it was 1 new grad per unit except med/surg they needed 6 new grad. And in house new grad still don't have a nursing job beca...
  3. sobless

    Wssu bsn program 2015

    Hey, I applied to there RN2BSN and I just went in and register. So I guess this mean I was acceptted. I been waiting since the beginning of November. Good luck.
  4. sobless


    I'm finishing up my assoicate RN in May. I have 7 years of Lpn experience in Rehab, looking for PACU at REX what is my chances in getting a job.
  5. sobless

    School schedule

    I'm lpn at Rex hospital just got accepted to RN program. Will they work with my school schedule or let me work weekends only.