Reviewing Exams at Pearson Vue?


Hello... does anyone know if it is possible to review an exam at Pearson Vue after it has been scored and submitted? I should have asked them today when I was there.

I took Health Differences, got a 'B', but thought about it later and really wish I knew which ones I got wrong (and even wish I knew which ones I got right!) I thought it was a very difficult exam, especially the fluids and electrolytes section, which is 30% of the exam!

Wanting to really UNDERSTAND the material, and not just pass the exams is my motivation.

Is it possible? Thanks!! :)


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I think you can review general results with an EC advisor, but I don't know how specific they will get. I would contact EC tomorrow and give it a try. Let us know what you find out! :-) Congrats on the B!

in my experience they don't get specific at all. you definitely can't see anything at the testing center. the category percentage breakdown is about the best you'll get.

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Thanks for your comments... I'll try calling EC tomorrow. Happy with the B but wondering just how many points away from A I was... and really wanting to refocus on those I got wrong! :sarcastic: