Reverse Psychology for New Grads...


I am a new graduate nurse. After I passed NCLEX, I applied to roughly 300 callbacks. To be honest, rather than waste my time looking for the elusive hospital floor position, I feel rather liberated. I have decided to work two part time jobs in Home Health - the growth area for nursing. One is contract and one offers of both worlds. Same money, fewer politics.

Given recent realities and perusing this board for a while, I really think that rather than me knocking down the hospital doors, I DONT WANT a hospital job. I dont want them and they dont want me its mutual lol. I want to work in Home Health, where the sense of freedom is great! Also, once I have a few years experience and I am no longer a new graduate, I am planning to become a legal nurse consultant. In my mind, law suits are only going to increase. I dont want NP, CRNA, and I dont want to pay a college tuition again, especially not a for profit school. I'm done at BSN-->home health-->CLNC.

This circumvents the new grad dilemma and creates same career opporunities, more freedom, and I feel evolved for thinking this way. I feel a great 500lb monkey has been lifted off my back. Comments? positive or negative : )

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It's definitely good to think beyond hospital jobs. I'm looking into home health too. Shhhh don't let out the secret -- it really is the wave of the future. Right now I'm doing pediatric homecare as a volunteer. The biggest hurdle is finding a reputable agency to sign on with. I can't say legal nursing is my cup of tea, but if you think you've found your niche, go with it!


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I'm so happy for you! I think you will do great in any career you pursue, simply because you seem to have the ambition and ingenuity to be successful. I think it's great that you are going to do what is best for YOU!:yeah: Keep us posted on how it goes!


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Thanks : ) I hope more people take a good, solid look at home health!

Hospital jobs aren't growing. Another area of growth is Hospice....for obvious reasons. People are living longer but there is a big population in the baby boomers that will need long term care, home care, and palliative care etc.

In my area, there are no jobs for new grads. I've as far to compromise my morals by applying to family planning clinics.

Not like they'll hire me anyway, I'm both male and a new grad.


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Thats great, I wanted to do homehealth agency jobs too, I tried, but they require that the nurse drive and have a car,which I don't.

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I'm glad I'm not the only one to have figured this out, AND be happy :) I've worked emerg and acute as a student. Quite frankly, the staff are too overworked in these units. Why kill yourself, and for the same pay?? Right now, I am in LTC, which is basically a senior position, and I really like it. Yes, it is very busy, but we also have many acute cases. And I love the residents.

So I am thinking about psych, hospice, and geriatrics. They had asked if I wanted to be oriented to emerg, but I'm not crazy about the idea. I think this is the great thing about nursing. Many opportunities, and not everyone needs to go to the hospital setting. BTW, geriatrics, home health and hospice will see exponential growth. Basically, we are all getting sicker and older.