Need to Interview a Retired RN

  1. Hi- I'm a regular here, and I need to interview a retired nurse for a nursing history class I'm taking in my RN-BSN program. I was wondering if any of you would be willing to fill out a questionnaire via email r/t the differences between nursing when you first started, and how it is now. I would be very grateful and interested in what your views are, and you can PM me if you like.

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  3. by   BBFRN
  4. by   prmenrs
    I am "semi-retired"--I retired from a hospital after 34 years and ~ 9 months later, went back to work @ a different hospital as casual/per diem employee. Was supposed to be only 2 12hr shifts, but has gradually increased to nearly full time.

    I have 39 yrs of nursing practice.

    If this meets your criteria, you may pm me.
  5. by   BBFRN
    That would be fabulous- thank you so much! I have PMd you.
  6. by   mmiriamasher
    Was in nursing for 38 years, retired almost 2 years. I live in Israel and don't mind filling in your questionnaire if you email it to me. I assure you big difference between what it used to be and what it's like now.
    Good luck with your project
  7. by   siggie13
    I have just retired after 40 years in nursing and would be glad to answer any questions you might have. Feel free to PM me.
  8. by   BBFRN
    Someone has already PMd me with an offer to let me interview them, but thanks to you both. I truly appreciate it! I may go ahead and post my questions here to see what you have to say, as I'm sure you have some interesting insights on how nursing has changed.
  9. by   gretaurus
    I would love to be interviewed! I have 40 years of nursing and have always worked in hospitals.:typing