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Just out of long after leaving nursing did you keep your license active? I'm asking because it's almost time to renew mine, and though I've been out of nursing for almost a... Read More

  1. by   VivaLasViejas
    I think it varies by state. Here in OR it's 900 hours in the past five years.
  2. by   Esme12
    It completely varies by state
  3. by   ascnbe
    I am 67. I retired in 2012 because the "boy wonder" Bobby Jindal was our governor in Louisiana and privatized most of the state hospitals. Those of us that had been working for the state hospitals could either go to work for the new owners at reduced pay, downgrades in supervisory roles, etc., or retire.

    I keep my license active, because I still can't stop feeling like I need to get to work. I started my first job as a cook at 14 and have always had at least 1 job and sometimes as many as 3 at a time. Over my 25 years as an RN, I was divorced (collateral damage of working and going to nursing school) and lived alone so work was my "social life", (Maybe a symptom of having PTSD from Vietnam). I don't really trust most people enough to want them in my private space.

    I worked all the overtime I could get until they changed overtime pay to K-time. Then I worked at another hospital on my off weekend. Then I added a third job training nurses for a company that makes medical products. Since I retired, I built a shed, a deck with a roof on it, and I am almost done with a 20 x24' carport. I did all those things by myself because I can't bring myself to ask for help (another symptom).
    I guess what I am getting to is I have to feel like I can go back to work if I want to. Kind of like an itch you cannot reach to scratch. I do Tai Chi, work out at a gym and ride a Harley. I feel like if I stop moving I won't ever want to start again. So keeping my license current keeps me feeling like not working is a choice and I can always change my mind.

    That is the most insight I have expressed to anyone in the last 50 years. Anonymity is refreshing.
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  4. by   justme0412
    There is a person on Facebook with an expired RN license who has written books and just published a new book and still uses the title of RN. Someone let me read their copy of the book and it is all full of medical advice. According to her, even if you let your RN license expire, you are allow you to use the title of RN for the rest of your life. She also gives out medical advice as if she was a doctor, which we all know is taboo and I quit her group for this purpose. I am a RN in FL with RSD/CRPS and I got a job working with my local school district part time 8 years ago. I work anywhere from 5-10 days a month and was very fortunate to find this job in the district. I am thankful that I found a job that I totally enjoy. When I was diagnosed with RSD/CRPS I thought my working days were over, but was very fortunate when one of my children's teachers told me the district was looking for a part-time nurse.