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Retersting in 3 days!!!!!Very Nervous. Please Help!

by thoughtfullady thoughtfullady (New) New

Hi All,

I am very much new to this site and have checked it out and find it very helpful. To tell you little about me, I graduated in Dec from a accelerated nursing prog. I took the NCLEX for the first time in March and was bumed to find out that I failed with 75 question. I had a lot going at that time as far as stress. I also had taken Kaplan prior to that but had not done my part in studying to my full potential. I got through all the Q trainer and had done only 30% of Q bank. After a period of depression from seeing that I failed, I decided to take Kaplan again...for free, and studied the whole book and did all of q bank and q trainer along with the videos. I am retesting in 3 days and feel very nervous. My scores in the q bank is around 56% overall, I am very nervous and am afraid that I will fail again. My main issues is that I keep forgetting info and dont know what to do. Any advice is appreciated. Also any tips for NCLEX is helpful!!!!!!

Please Pray that I pass. The BIG day is Thurs, June 5th.


Thoughtful lady

P.S. Also just a question: If you have a alcholic/ Drug pt who is admitted in the ER with unstable vitals, and he says he wants to leave, do you let him go or keep him. And is this 'False Impriosonment?' I had a similar q like this and was not sure.

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