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Has anyone ever had their resume done by a resume service?? I have never had to use a resume to get a job so I am finding myself now having to compose one from scratch! I am trying to obtain an entry-level position in a hospital so I need to get one together ASAP. I don't have the energy or time to research and compose my own so I was considering going through It is pretty pricey, but may be worth it to me if they can just hand me over a few copies and I can start applying as soon as possible. Today I have to worry about Anatomy homework as well so anything to expedite the process would be great.

If you have had a resume done through an online service, were you pleased? Do you think it was worth the money? Can you recommend a service other than Thanks!


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Why don't you just google "resume"? I'll just bet there are lots of services to choose from.

I did "google". I just wanted some more personal advice, success stories from other nurses. :)


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Recommend you think about doing it yourself. Delegating it to someone else still involves a lot of time. And you'll always remember later something you left out earlier.

Another suggestion: Find a good book and work on it piecemeal.


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My resume was so basic it was funny. It took me about 10 minutes to compose. Applying for RN jobs became to easy. One interview I attended (I had already accepted a job elsewhere, but I just didnt want to cancel). I wore a "wife-beater" and jeans, put some drywall dust on my shirt and told them I was helping a friend and lost track of time.

They ended up calling me and made an offer:rotfl:

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