I am a new graduate NP May 2016. I started my first job this month, and I hate it. I am applying to other jobs. I was wondering does it look "bad" if I added this job on my resume. Or should I leave it off since it has only been a month. Thanks in advance :)

orangepink, NP

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If you're leaving in less than a month, I wouldn't put it on my resume. Doesn't look good IMO.

traumaRUs, MSN, APRN, CNS

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In a month's time, you haven't even gotten used to the job - why is it so bad?

Also - its easy to look up your DEA/NPI, credentialing to see this job so I would certainly list it - to leave it off appears like you are trying to hide something.

Jules A, MSN

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I wouldn't omit anything if you are being credentialed. Yeah it looks bad but if you are that miserable then you have to weigh the risks vs benefits of leaving a job so quickly.


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Almost every job that I applied to had an online application process where you had to list all your prior employment. You can't omit any job, that would be dishonest and considered wrong. Moreover, as traumaRN noted, your previous employer will be listed in your DEA/NPI/supervising attorney registration.

As a general rule with any application, not listing things is a bad thing. The fact that you are making this post asking for advice on omitting the job -- and thus considering whether this is right or wrong -- tells you it is wrong.


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youre not alone - lots and lots of people dislike their first job straight out of school. unless there are serious moral implications (practicing outside the scope, etc) stick with it and move on after a year. if youre dead set on moving on, then list it on the resume.