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Resume referred to another unit


Hi everyone! I had my first RN interview in July. I didn't get the job, but they referred my resume/application to another unit in which I interviewed for a few weeks ago. Just got a call that again I did not get the job but once again was referred to a different unit. I take this as a good sign, but also confusing. What do you think this means? I feel I must look good enough to be hired within the hospital somewhere if my information keeps getting passed along, but at the same time not good enough for the previous positions.

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Yes, I think that is exactly what it means -- though I wouldn't say "not good enough" for the previous positions. It may just be that they had other people apply with a lot more experience than you, perhaps even former employees. The fact that they sent your resume to another unit suggests that you ARE good enough -- just not in the right place at the right time to get those previous jobs.


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I agree. They probably had more than one very strong candidate that they liked, and they wanted to help you get in. Take it as a good sign- it's more than most get when don't get accepted for something! :)


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I got same experience! They kind of raise your hopes and bump you right back. I applied for an ICU position at parkland in Dallas, was referred to med Surg and didn't hear back from them after numerous follow-up emails. Well it's not over yet