Results of NCLEX in Washington (the state)?


Hello everyone, I have a BIG question that I have been worrying about. I take my NCLEX in Washington on a friday at 1:00. I was just wondering when the soonest I could hear about my results. I know about the two business day thing for the unofficial results; however, I am from Montana and my friend got her results (by searching for her name and lisence on the Montana State Board of Nursing Website) within hours. I was just wondering if the same thing happens in Washington or if it is a longer process. Because I am scheduled late on Friday will this extended the time it takes for me to get my results?

Anyone please help, I am super nervous about getting results.


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No sense in being nervous. Just keep checking the website until you see your name there. Then you can be happy! Good luck.


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I took the NCLEX on the 4th of Feb (a thursday) and it wasn't until the 9th that WA had my license listed as active on the website. So for me, the unofficial results were faster.

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I agree with you WSU RN 09 that the quick results are the fast way to know if you passed in WA, esp. if you are taking the test near the weekend. Also try out the pearsonvue trick if you are desperate (like me). I did the PVT and got the good pop up, paid for the results 48 hours later and passed! If you leave the test feeling like you failed (I did) after 75 ? have hope because that means that they were more difficult and you were doing good :)


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So someone asked how I studied and where I was from. I am in Walla Walla, WA. I mostly studied Saunders. I read through the whole saunders book and did all of the questions. I also got the Mosby's book and did all of the questions in that book (Although I did not read the info in the mosby's book). In addition, I bought the Sauders Q and A book and did questions from that book. All in all I did around 4,500 ?s. THE BEST tip I can give you is to get the "Pharm Phlash" Cards by davis (Whiteish box and they were in Barnes and Noble right by the NCLEX study books). Because of these cards I at least knew what the drug was for on every drug I saw on the NCLEX.

However, the questions I had on the NCLEX were quite different than the questions from saunders and Mosby's (Wording and Questions) but I don't know how else I would have studied. This got me through and I am sure it will get all of you through.

P>S> I Studied hard core (7-8hrs/day) for 13 days rather than the suggested 3 weeks at a less hectic pace. In hindsight it would have been a more enjoyable time if I had split it up a bit better. Hope everything goes well for everyone:)