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Restrictions on a new license again?!

by YK89 YK89 (New) New Nurse Student

Hi everyone, I have been a long-time lurker on this forum. I am an LPN who successfully completed her probation in AZ two years ago, and am about to graduate with my RN in less than a month. I have done the whole song and dance with the board previously, so I am well aware of how they work. When I was originally licensed as an LPN I had a misdemeanor from 2007 which was later expunged but showed up still, so I had to disclose, and it landed me in a three year probation contract. I completed it without any issues, and fortunately was able to secure a job as a brand new LPN at a rehab. Completed probation, started in the LPN to RN bridge program which I am set to complete in less than a month. I have submitted all my paperwork for my RN license and obviously had to submit my letter of completion, my old contract, etc., to the board for my RN license. I have a job lined up in a highly competitive critical care unit at a local hospital pending NCLEX. So my question is, has anyone had to deal with something like this before? I am so worried that the board will try to slap restrictions on my RN license even though I completed everything without ANY issues with my LPN license. I consulted a lawyer and he said they shouldn't reinvestigate if they have already investigated and I completed probation. But I am stressing!! Especially since I have a job lined up as soon as I pass NCLEX on my dream unit. Any advice would be great! Thanks everyone.

No advice just sympathy. How ridiculous is it that you have to worry about that and cant find the answer.

Congratulations on not only getting through the bs of a program but continuing your education!

Thank you. It's extremely nerve wracking. I feel like I will never be able to move on from an incident that happened over a decade ago, when I was 18!

Hi I wish you the very best in this situation.

I did 3years LVN probation, I did miss testing and logins. I was given a extra year, but was released early from probation as a punishment for the violation. I started probation May 2016, and released Jan 2019.

Applied for RN licensure, denied license based on LVN discipline, went to the ALJ hearing and decision was another round of 3year probation without testing, AA, support group etc as my history involves 2DUI's which has been expunged. So I got the rule out--

Submitted reconsideration, only to wait 3mos for the same decision, the BRN adopt ALJ decision 3 year probation. I am lost for words, I do not want anyone to have to do Probation on 1 license and then probation on the next. I Received this April 20 so I am trying to focus and make a decision to take it or wait another year in agony just to be Denied again.

Every situation is different they say, so I am praying for you a Free & Clear license, or at the least a letter of reprimand/reproval.

I am in California

How are people getting DUIs expunged? I’d really love to know. I feel like I’ll be carrying this scarlet letter around with me for the rest of my life.