Respiratory Distress: Signs & Symptoms?

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Feel free to click on the website link below for a comprehensive list of the signs and symptoms of respiratory failure.

Signs of Respiratory Distress

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What have you come up with that are s/s of respiratory distress?

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As my co administrators have pointed out.....we are happy to help with homework but we will not do it for you. Homework in nursing serves many purposes...... but the most important is to get you to look things up, think them through and apply that knowledge. You need to learn how to problem solve in a whole new way. When you Look at the patient and their symptoms, you need to begin to run down a list of differentials and treatment options to best treat this person in distress in front of you.

So I can best lead you in the right direction.....what semester are you in? What are you studying right now? Adult or Pedi?

What is the patients age? What is the history, How do they look? What muscles are they using?

What have you discovered about respiratory distress?

shortness of breath, cyanosis, use of accessory muscles, pursed lip breathing

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