heres a question for all you nurses. i will be graduating in june, and hopefully licensed by july. i work in a LTC facility for a year and a half now, i work in laundry on the weekends and used to be a bedmaker during the week.

the weekend supervisor was asking me where i plan on working as a nurse, and i said that i wanted to stay where im at. (great residents and health ins, although alot of the nurses are ********) even though alot of the nurses are rude, ive established boundries with them and they know i wont toleralte much. she said that i shouldnt work there becuase the nurses and the aides will never respect me and will alway see me as a laundry girl and not a nurse.

ugh excuse me for bettering myself.

any advice, stories, tactics on this subject would be greatly appreciated


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IMO, that was very harsh and uncalled for. Your familiarity with the facility will help you in beginning your nursing career. I would not let one person's rude comment deter your decision to work there. If you conduct yourself in a professional manner you will earn respect of your fellow employees. Congradulations, you should be very proud of yourself and tune out negative comments.

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I work as a RN where I was a LPN and we also have a couple of techs that are now nurses. My coworkers are very supportive when someone changes positions and I encourage the super sharp techs to consider nursing school. Good luck and I'd stay right where you are.


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Sounds to me you already have the respect you need the most - selfrespect.

When it comes to other people, I believe you earn respect by the way you carry yourself rather than by what's on your name tag. Of course there'll be those who might label you as a laundry girl, but do you really seek approval or respect from that corner? Wouldn't it be meaningless anyway? Be proud of your days as laundry staff and be proud of your accomplishments.

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