Resigning while on FMLA Etiquette

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I'm currently on Paternity leave. I originally took my current job because it would provide opportunities for growth. It also has a tuition incentive program to further my education.

I've been there 1 year and 4 months. Due to issues outside of my control, I will not receive the tuition incentive. The scholarship chair was fired and their replacement didn't turn my application in on time. By the time the next application period occurs- I will have completed my education.

I also took a hefty pay cut to take this job. I felt it was worth it at the time due to the potential tuition incentive.

I want to go back to my old job. Which will work better for my family and pays more. The pay is big since I am paying out of pocket for school.

I also wish to return to my current job (different position) once I complete my education.

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And your question is?

Specializes in Psychiatric Nurse/Addiction Nurse.

Sorry, my question wasn't very clear.

What is the etiquette for resigning while on FMLA? Possible repercussions? I would like to return in the future.

There was a previous thread here discussing this a few years back that you might find if you search the site. While I don't recall specifics there was some discussion that leaving during FMLA, partucularly if unpaid, might subject you to your employer recovering any payments made for your healthcare. If you Google "resigning while on FMLA leave" you should find additional information. Another consideration is whether your employer will label not eligible for rehire, or provide a less than favorable work history. If you decide this is what you want to do, you might consider contacting human resources, particularly if it is possible that you might return later; it has been my experience that burned bridges tend to hang over your head for some time.

Best wishes whichever option you choose.

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