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Hi all.... Sorry if this is the wrong area.... I'm exhausted researching RN-BSN programs online.. Any suggestions on programs that don't require statistics or clinicals? I'm trying to maintain a decent price tag w/CCNE if possible.

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check this link for a current discussion of the same question:

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I got my AAS and my BSN from Excelsior College. there is a facebook group called Excelsior College BSN program students if you want to ask current student questions (graduated in Jan myself) - no clinical for BSN, there are also some RN to MSN programs (if you want to go that route, but most will have some sort of clinical depending on what "field" of MSN you want)

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Many RN-BSN programs don't require clinicals, or if they do, it's something that could be done at your current place of employment, such as shadowing a nurse leader.

Almost all of them require statistics, though. Sorry.

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Statistics in one form or another (full on Stats or a Stats-Lite for Healthcare) is generally required for BSN programs due to the nursing research areas of study.

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Any suggestions on programs that don't require statistics or clinicals?
The Kramer School of Nursing (Oklahoma City University) offers an RN-to-BSN completion program with no math, statistics or clinicals as long as your ADN/Diploma was conferred by a school accredited by the ACEN or NLNAC. However, tuition is pricey.

Western Governors University is very affordable with a flat rate of $3250 per six months. The RN-to-BSN program requires a light healthcare statistics course as a corequisite once you are admitted. Past students state that this course required very little actual math.

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